Is it true that the Hog Cholera Virus can be transmitted to humans?

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Is it true that the Hog Cholera Virus can be transmitted to humans?
Is it true that the Hog Cholera Virus can be transmitted to humans?

Hog cholera (swine cholera) or classical swine fever is a common disease in pigs and is caused by a pestivirus. This disease can be transmitted between pigs quickly, either through direct or indirect contact. The question is, can hog cholera be transmitted to humans?

Hog cholera is a dangerous animal disease because it can kill pigs quickly. Even in a number of pig farms hit by the hog cholera virus, pig deaths occurred en masse. This also makes many people hesitate or stop eating pork for fear of contracting it.

Is it true that the Hog Cholera Virus can be transmitted to humans? - Alodokter

Instead of guessing about whether or not hog cholera can be transmitted to humans, consider the following facts.

Can Humans Be Infected With Hog Cholera Virus?

The transmission of hog cholera virus from pigs to pigs generally occurs through direct contact, namely from hog cholera infected pigs to he althy pigs, either through saliva, semen, nasal mucus, urine, or feces.

In addition, hog cholera disease can be transmitted between pigs indirectly, namely through intermediary work clothes worn by livestock managers, places to drink or eat pigs, cages, or means of transportation, such as motorbikes, carts, and tractors, which is on the farm.

In pigs, this virus causes fever, loss of appetite, weakness, red eyes, diarrhea, and unstable walking. The ear, belly and inner thigh areas of pigs infected with this virus are also likely to become purplish.

Until now, hog cholera virus transmission only occurs between pigs. There is no evidence that hog cholera can be transmitted to humans. Concerns about the risk of contracting hog cholera in humans may arise because the virus can survive in frozen pork for months or even years.

Human risk of getting infected so far is non existent, even if you eat meat that has been infected. However, you still have to pay attention to the safety of processing pork that will be consumed by cooking it until it is cooked.

Precautions to be taken against the Hog Cholera Virus

Hog cholera virus does not affect the he alth of the human body. However, there are several he alth protocols that need to be carried out to anticipate the emergence of certain diseases when hog cholera is epidemic, including:

  • Restrict pork consumption for the time being, especially in areas where the hog cholera epidemic is afflicting.
  • Avoid visits to hog cholera infected pig farm areas.
  • Avoid contact with pigs or other animals in areas where the hog cholera virus is spreading, including cages or transportation equipment in them.
  • Wear personal protective equipment if you are assigned to clean or spray disinfectant in the pigsty.

If you really want to eat pork, it is recommended to choose pork products that have legal certification. Then, store and cook the meat properly. Pork that is consumed raw or undercooked is at risk for worm infection and hepatitis E.

Information about the hog cholera virus that can be transmitted to humans has not been proven, so you don't have to worry too much. To be sure, you still have to anticipate the spread of this virus if the pig population in your area is being hit by an outbreak of hog cholera.

If you have taken anticipatory steps, but you experience he alth problems after coming into contact with a pig that looks sick or after eating pork, immediately consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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