Is it true that stale saliva can curl baby's eyelashes?

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Is it true that stale saliva can curl baby's eyelashes?
Is it true that stale saliva can curl baby's eyelashes?

Licking baby's eyelashes with stale saliva is considered to make their eyelashes thick and curly. For this reason, for a long time, many parents have made this habit. However, is this effective and safe to do?

Stale spit is saliva in the morning before someone drinks, eats, or brushes their teeth. This saliva is believed to have properties to curl baby's eyelashes. For this reason, some parents lick their baby's eyelashes in the hope that the baby's eyelashes will be longer, curled, and thicker.

Is it true that stale saliva can curl baby's eyelashes? - Alodokter

Facts Behind Stale Saliva Can Curl Baby Eyelashes

Eyelashes have an important role in the organ of vision, namely to protect the eyes from exposure to foreign objects, such as dust and water. Besides having this function, long and thick eyelashes are also considered more charming and beautiful to look at.

Because of this assumption, not a few parents want their baby to have thick and curly eyelashes. There may even be parents who even try to curl their baby's eyelashes in various ways, including by using stale saliva.

You need to know, the level of thickness of a person's eyelashes is different and can be influenced by several things, especially genetic factors. In addition, the myth regarding the use of stale saliva to make eyelashes curly has also not been scientifically proven to be effective.

This mother should not do because it risks causing discomfort, both for the Little One and the Mother herself. This is because stale saliva generally has an unpleasant odor because it contains urea and ammonia.

Risks of Using Stale Saliva on Baby Eyelashes

In addition to being unhygienic, the use of stale saliva on baby's eyes can also bring some risks, you know. Saliva contains various types of bacteria that can cause infections in your baby's eyes.

When you lick your little one's eyelashes, these bacteria can easily enter his eyes and cause infection. This can cause your little one to get red eyes or conjunctivitis.

In addition, saliva or saliva can also contain viruses, such as the Corona virus, herpes, and influenza. Contact with stale saliva that contains the virus can cause your little one to get various diseases, such as herpes simplex and COVID-19.

Seeing the explanation above, it can be said that using stale spit to curl baby's eyelashes is a myth. So, you don't need to fully trust.

Besides that, licking your little one's eyelashes with stale spit doesn't give you any benefit, Bun, and can actually harm his he alth.

Besides, whether or not the eyelashes are curled will not have a big influence on the function of the little one's eyes. Instead of worrying about how to curl baby's eyelashes, it's better for you to focus on your little one's eye he alth by regularly cleaning his eye area and providing him with adequate nutrition.

Some babies, especially newborns, will usually experience wide eyes that make it difficult to open their eyes. To clean it, Mother can rub a cotton bud or cotton that has been moistened with warm water slowly on the Little One's eyes.

If at this time Mother has already licked the Little One's eyelashes or applied stale spit to her eyelashes, you should immediately clean the Little One's eyelashes.

If your little one's eyes look red, swollen, watery, or he looks fussy after being given stale saliva, you should take him to an eye doctor so he can be examined and treated.

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