Dad, Do This When Mother Has Baby Blues

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Dad, Do This When Mother Has Baby Blues
Dad, Do This When Mother Has Baby Blues

The role of the father when the mother experiences the baby blues is very important. As a husband and mother's closest person, Dad can do many things to help her deal with these times. Then, what are some things Dad can do when Mom experiences the baby blues?

After giving birth, mothers may experience the baby blues that make their moods become erratic, such as being easily sad, crying for no apparent reason, irritability, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating.

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This condition usually lasts for 2 weeks after delivery. But if not handled properly, the baby blues can develop into postpartum depression. In order to avoid these bad effects, the role of the father is needed to help overcome the baby blues experienced by Mother.

Role of Father When Mother Experiences Baby Blues

Although busy at work, Dad shouldn't be indifferent to your mother's he alth condition after giving birth, especially if you're already showing signs of the baby blues. When Mother experiences the baby blues, Dad can do some of these ways to support and lighten his burden, including:

1. Become a storyteller

Listen to all the complaints that Mother conveys to Dad. Avoid arguing or judging her because this can actually exacerbate the baby blues experienced by Mother.

Look into Mother's eyes when she is telling a story and hold her hand tightly. This shows that you really do listen to what you have to say. Dad can also give a hug or a kiss on the forehead, so Mom can feel more calm and comfortable.

2. Help finish homework and take care of the Little One

Dad can help overcome Mother's baby blues by helping to clean up housework, such as washing clothes, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the yard, or other jobs that require extra energy.

Occasionally Dads can also offer to help take care of the baby, such as changing diapers, holding him, and calming him when he cries. In addition to giving Mother time to rest, this can also improve the relationship between Father and Little One.

3. Make sure you eat he althy food

Busy taking care of the little one sometimes makes Mother forget to eat, let alone pay attention to the type of food consumed.This can make the baby blues that you experience worse, you lose a lot of energy, and you can't meet the nutritional needs they need during breastfeeding.

Well, this is where the role of the father is needed. Make sure you get a daily intake of he althy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Also remind Mother to drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

4. Inviting Mother for me time

When Dad has free time, take Mom for a walk or spend time with Mom for me time. Dad can take Mom to go to the cinema, eat at a restaurant, take a leisurely walk around the house, or go shopping.

However, make sure to avoid crowded places, okay? This is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When traveling, also remember to always apply he alth protocols.

If it's not possible to leave the house, Dad can give Mom time to do things she likes, for example watching movies, cooking, or yoga at home. This can relax Mother's mind, making it easier to combat the baby blues she is experiencing.

In addition to helping to overcome the baby blues experienced by Mother, this method can also make Dad the ideal husband. Remember that the role of a father is not only to earn a living to meet household needs, but also to help Mother to get out of her difficult times.

It's important to know that dads can also experience the baby blues, you know. Baby blues in fathers can cause symptoms, such as being easily sad, anxious, tired, having trouble sleeping, and spending a lot of time outside the house.

If after applying the tips above, Mother's baby blues don't get better or Dad also feels the signs of the baby blues, you should immediately see a doctor for treatment. This is important to do so that Mom or Dad does not experience a worsening of conditions that can lead to depression.

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