The Role of Fathers in Educating Daughters

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The Role of Fathers in Educating Daughters
The Role of Fathers in Educating Daughters

Educating girls is not only a mother's job. Fathers also have a hand in educating daughters. Although most fathers are busy working to provide for their families, there are some roles that fathers play in educating their daughters that should not be missed

Father is an important figure in a daughter's life. A daughter who gets enough attention from her father will grow up to be a firm, confident, and intelligent person.

The Role of Fathers in Educating Daughters - Alodokter

A study also revealed that daughters who have good relationships with their fathers are more able to love and respect themselves so that they have a he althy mental state.Meanwhile, if the relationship between father and son is not good, then this can make the child experience daddy issues.

This is the Role of Fathers in Educating Daughters

Father has a tremendous responsibility for his family. Apart from earning a living to meet household needs, fathers also play a role in educating daughters.

So, what can a father do in educating his daughter? Here are some of them:

1. Teaching new skills

Being a teacher or a coach to teach new skills is one of the roles of fathers. In your free time, take time to teach your daughter about new things, such as reading, cycling, swimming, or even doing homework.

Once in a while, teach your daughters skills that men generally do, such as using nails and a hammer, disassembling a machine, or programming a computer. Make sure Dad teaches this according to his age and always supervises him, okay.

2. Supporting children to hone their potential

Fathers who don't make time for their daughters tend to underestimate or overestimate their potential. This is certainly not good.

Underestimating a child's ability will make him feel hopeless because he feels unsupported. Meanwhile, exaggerating a child's intelligence can actually make him frustrated and even stressed because he is always worried if the results of his efforts are not in line with the father's expectations.

Spending a lot of time with your daughter can help you understand more about what and how much potential she has. That way, you can support your daughter without expecting too much, so that she will enjoy pursuing her skills more.

3. Teaches to build relationships with other people

Fathers play a very important role in teaching their daughters to have good relationships with other people. This can start with Dad being respectful, kind, and showing affection to Mom and Dad's daughter.

The kind attitude that you show will make your daughter model this behavior to others. In addition, he also has a good standard of the qualities of a man. This will prevent him from having a toxic relationship with his partner in the future.

4. Helps instill self-confidence

Confidence in daughters does not always appear out of nowhere, but must be trained by the father. One way you can instill this attitude is by complimenting him that your daughter is beautiful for what she has. So, she doesn't need to follow certain beauty standards.

In addition to physical beauty, you also need to show respect when your daughter does something good or gets an achievement. This form of appreciation will grow his self-confidence.

Although tired from having to work all day, don't let Dad miss the moment to spend time with Dad's daughter and teach her a lot of provisions for life. Believe me, the fatigue will be paid off with the success he has achieved.

If you are having trouble communicating with your daughter or feel she is becoming distant, try to ask your mother if something is wrong with her.

If you really feel the changes that are bothering you but your daughter is difficult to open up, try to persuade her to consult a psychologist.

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