5 Benefits of Purwoceng You Need to Know

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5 Benefits of Purwoceng You Need to Know
5 Benefits of Purwoceng You Need to Know

The benefits of purwoceng to increase stamina and sexual arousal may be well known, especially in Indonesia. However, not only that, this very popular plant in the Dieng area also has various other benefits that are good for he alth

Purwoceng or purwaceng (Pimpinella pruatjan) is a type of herbal plant that grows a lot in the highlands. Almost all parts of purwoceng can be used as traditional medicine, but the roots are most often consumed.

5 Benefits of Purwoceng You Need to Know - Alodokter

Various Benefits of Purwoceng

Purwoceng is now widely processed in the form of supplements or herbal drinks, such as herbs or tea. When you consume it, there are several benefits of purwoceng that may be obtained, including:

1. Increase sexual arousal and male vitality

So far, the benefits of purwoceng are often associated with male sex performance. This is not without reason. According to a number of studies, purwoceng root appears to have an aphrodisiac effect in men, so it is thought that it can stimulate sexual arousal and increase male vitality or sexual performance.

In fact, research in the laboratory shows that purwoceng can increase the production and performance of the hormone testosterone and improve sperm count and quality. However, the effectiveness of this purwoceng is still unclear in humans and needs to be investigated further.

2. Counteract the effects of free radicals

Damage to body cells due to free radicals is one of the factors that can increase the risk of premature aging and various chronic he alth problems, such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Purwoceng is known to contain a variety of bioactive compounds that have antioxidant properties, such as flavonoids, saponins, tannins, and phenolic acids. These antioxidants play an important role in preventing and repairing damage to body cells due to exposure to free radicals.

3. Help overcome infection

Not only does it produce antioxidant activity, the flavonoid and phenolic compounds contained in purwoceng also have antibacterial properties, especially to eradicate Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, and Escherichia coli bacteria.

Thanks to these benefits, purwoceng is claimed to be able to help overcome bacterial infections in the urinary tract, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract. Not only can it eradicate bacteria, purwoceng is also known to prevent and eradicate the fungus Candida albicans.

4. Reduce inflammation

In addition to having antioxidant and antibacterial properties, purwoceng is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, the benefits of purwoceng are also claimed to be good for helping the wound healing process, relieve canker sores, reduce pain and swelling, and prevent and relieve organ damage, such as the liver.

5. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells

Studies in the laboratory show that purwoceng root which is rich in antioxidants seems to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, such as breast cancer. However, the efficacy of purwoceng as a medicine to prevent or treat cancer still needs further research.

Until now, there has been no research showing that purwoceng can replace the role of chemotherapy drugs or radiation therapy as cancer treatment.

In addition to the various benefits above, purwoceng is also claimed to have various other benefits, such as helping to relieve symptoms of colds and aches, smoothing urination, and preventing the formation of kidney stones.

So that the benefits of purwoceng can be felt optimally, make sure the purwoceng consumed is genuine. When processed into tea or herbal medicine, purwoceng has a slightly spicy taste.

Although purwoceng has various benefits, it is important to understand that the effectiveness and safety of purwoceng as an herbal medicine to treat certain diseases still needs further research.

Therefore, if you want to try using purwoceng as an herbal medicine to treat certain diseases, you should first consult with a doctor, especially if you are undergoing treatment from a doctor.

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