Recognizing the Dangers of Drinking Wine for He alth

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Recognizing the Dangers of Drinking Wine for He alth
Recognizing the Dangers of Drinking Wine for He alth

The dangers of drinking wine will not be felt in just one drink. However, if consumed in excess or in the long term, wine can cause serious he alth problems, such as cancer and heart disease

Wine is a type of alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting certain fruits with an alcohol content of around 12–15%.

Recognize the Dangers of Drinking Wine for He alth - Alodokter

Consuming wine at least 150 ml per day, is known to provide he alth benefits. These benefits come from the high antioxidant content in wine.

However, you still have to be aware of the dangers of drinking wine, especially if you consume it in excess or even get addicted. Over time, wine consumption can cause several diseases, such as stroke, cancer, liver disease, to brain damage.

Some of the Dangers of Drinking Wine for He alth

The following are some of the dangers of drinking wine for he alth when consumed in excessive amounts:

1. Increase the risk of breast cancer

Although consumed in reasonable amounts but done every day, wine consumption can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Studies show that women who drink alcohol every day have a 1.5 times higher risk of developing breast cancer compared to women who don't drink alcohol at all.

Besides breast cancer, wine can also cause mouth cancer, throat cancer, colon cancer, and liver cancer.

2. Causes heart and blood vessel disorders

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, including wine, can cause disorders of the cardiovascular system which can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension), stroke, and heart failure.

Not only that, consuming wine even in small amounts can also increase the risk of atrial fibrillation, which is a condition in which the atria of the heart beats rapidly but cannot pump blood effectively.

3. Inhibits folate absorption

Folate or vitamin B9 is a substance that plays an important role in building DNA and the process of cell division. However, if wine is consumed in excess, the alcohol content in it will block the body's absorption of folate.

In addition to inhibiting its absorption, the alcohol in wine can also inhibit the function of folate in the blood and tissues, thereby increasing the risk of cancer.

4. Increase the risk of obesity

The next danger of drinking wine is that it causes weight gain, increasing the risk of obesity. This can happen if wine or other alcoholic beverages are consumed in excess.

In addition to the high calorie content of wine, weight gain can also occur due to an unhe althy lifestyle and poor diet when consuming wine.

5. Trigger reproductive system disorders

The dangers of drinking too much wine can cause erectile dysfunction in men and stop menstruation in women. In addition, wine and other alcoholic beverages can also cause premature birth and miscarriage, if consumed by pregnant women.

In men, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can also reduce sperm count and testosterone levels in the body so that it can reduce fertility levels.

6. Increases the risk of liver disease

Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause the liver to work harder. Over time, this habit can lead to impaired liver function and even cirrhosis.

In addition to the he alth problems above, the dangers of drinking too much wine can also cause mental disorders, dementia, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, muscle cramps, and even death.

The dangers of drinking wine will vary from person to person, depending on gender, physical and mental conditions, illnesses, and medications being taken.

However, wine that is consumed in excess and continuously for a long time will still endanger he alth under any conditions. Therefore, limit its consumption from now on.

If you experience alcohol addiction or symptoms of alcohol poisoning, such as restlessness, nausea, and palpitations, consult a doctor immediately for treatment.

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