Teach This to Children When Seeing Bullying Actions

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Teach This to Children When Seeing Bullying Actions
Teach This to Children When Seeing Bullying Actions

Bullying can happen anytime and anywhere, including in children's schools. In addition to teaching your little one to be kind and not to be a bully, it's also important for the mother to tell her what to do when she sees bullying

Bullying is an attack and intimidation behavior that is done intentionally to other people. This action can take the form of physical violence, such as hitting or kicking, and it can also take the form of verbal abuse, such as mocking or humiliating.

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Attitudes to Teach Children When Seeing Bullying

There are two responses that can occur to witnesses of bullying. The first response was that the witness sympathized with the victim of bullying too much, so that he also felt tormented by seeing the incident. Studies even show that witnesses to bullying may suffer more from feelings of guilt, helplessness, anxiety, and depression.

Other responses were contradictory, the witness of bullying did not feel the need to help the victim and just ignored it, because he thought there would be someone else who would help the victim. This response generally occurs when the bullying occurs in a public place where many people see it.

The two responses above can certainly harm both parties, both witnesses and victims of bullying. This is the reason why parents need to teach their children how to deal with this unacceptable behavior.

Here are some things you need to teach your little one when they see bullying:

1. Don't join in bullying

Sometimes children don't understand that making fun of or making fun of their friends is bullying. Because it is considered funny, it is possible for the child to laugh with the perpetrator.

Mother needs to explain to the Little One what actions include bullying. Tell him not to do this to the victim or laugh at the victim. Giving a positive response, such as laughing, to bullying actually makes the perpetrator feel innocent.

Teach your little one to invite other friends around them who see bullying not to participate and not give a positive response to the perpetrator.

2. Report to an adult

Teach your little one to report bullying to adults, for example to teachers or parents, and tell what happened. That way, your little one will help stop bullying in a safe way.

Bullying doesn't always happen in person, but it can also happen in cyberspace. So, ask your little one to report to the mother or the teacher at school when they find photos, videos, or social media comments that are classified as bullying. Also ask him not to share the photo or video.

3. Reprimand the bully

If your little one has the courage, ask him to properly reprimand the bully. When they don't get a positive response from other people, usually the perpetrator will stop his actions.

However, tell your little one that he is allowed to reprimand the bully only if he feels safe. If the bullying is in the form of physical violence or looks very rude, your child should immediately report it to an adult.

4. Embrace the victim

A study has proven that accompanying bullying victims can protect them from bullying that will happen in the future.Give your child ideas to make friends with victims of bullying, for example by sitting together in class, having lunch together, or playing together during recess

In addition to preventing bullying from happening again, the victim also doesn't despair because she realizes that there are people who care and she is not alone.

5. Don't fight bullies

Bullying is indeed not commendable behavior, but teach your little one not to be hostile to the bullies or talk bad things about the perpetrators, okay? However, your little one still has to be nice to everyone.

For the sake of your little one's safety, you can ask him to keep his distance and be assertive with the perpetrator, so that the little one doesn't get involved with the bullies or even becomes a victim of bullying.

Bullying is an act that should not be taken lightly. Come on, invite your little one to prevent and stop this behavior in the ways described above. This method can also instill empathy and confidence in the Little One.

Also make sure the mother accompanies the Little One when using social media, so that he can learn what are positive and useful things for his development and what are negative and need to be avoided.

If you are worried that the bullying that your little one sees will have a bad influence on his psychological condition or that the little one is the victim of bullying, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist, OK.

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