Should Newborns Use Swaddles All Day?

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Should Newborns Use Swaddles All Day?
Should Newborns Use Swaddles All Day?

Swaddling a newborn has been a tradition since ancient times, because this method is believed to be able to make babies feel more comfortable and sleep better. Some newborns even use a swaddle throughout the day, even if they are not sleeping. Is this necessary?

Swaddling a newborn is done by wrapping the baby's body, from the shoulders to the feet, using swaddling cloth (lampin). When the baby is swaddled, only the neck and head are not covered by the cloth. The purpose of swaddling a baby is to make him feel warm and protected, such as when held tightly or while in the mother's womb.

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You Don't Need To Swaddle The Baby All Day

Newborns have reflex movements that sometimes appear suddenly and make the baby startle or wake up during sleep. Well, swaddling a baby is considered to be able to prevent the baby from being surprised by his own movements, so he can sleep more calmly and longer.

Even so, it is not recommended to swaddle the baby all day, yes, Bun. When swaddled, the baby's legs are in a straight position and close together. This can cause the baby's pelvis to shift if the swaddle is put on all day, especially if the swaddle is too tight.

Another danger is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The risk of SIDS increases if a swaddled baby rolls over to his stomach during sleep. In addition, swaddling can also make the baby tight and hot.

When is the Time to Stop Swaddling?

The use of swaddling should be stopped when the baby has started to roll over, turn around, and learn to lie on his stomach. Usually, this ability begins to appear at the age of 2 months and increasingly develops at the age of 4-6 months.

Swaddles should also not be used during the day and when the baby seems to want to move a lot. This can help the baby to distinguish between day and night, so that his sleep pattern will be faster to follow the mother's sleep pattern.

If your little one has a fever, avoid using a swaddle because it will confine his body heat and slow down the fever.

By swaddling, babies are less fussy and can sleep more soundly. However, swaddling is not the only way to make your baby comfortable and sleep soundly.

There are other ways you can do to calm your little one down, such as using a pacifier, creating a quiet and comfortable room atmosphere, and setting the right room temperature so that your little one is not too hot or cold.

So now you know, it's not advisable to swaddle a newborn all day? Besides being dangerous, constantly swaddling a baby also makes it impossible to move freely and is uncomfortable, you know.

To prevent the dangers of swaddling the baby, make sure the mother swaddles the little one in a safe way. If you're still confused about how to do it, don't hesitate to ask your midwife or doctor, Mom.

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