6 Benefits of Manicure Pedicure for He alth

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6 Benefits of Manicure Pedicure for He alth
6 Benefits of Manicure Pedicure for He alth

The benefits of manicure pedicure for the he alth of fingernails and toenails certainly don't need to be doubted. However, did you know that this treatment is not only for beautifying nails, you know? Want to know what are the other benefits of manicure pedicure?

Manicure is a series of treatments that aim to clean and beautify fingernails and the surrounding skin, while pedicure is a treatment for toenails. You can get these two types of nail treatments at various beauty salons.

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Manicure Pedicure Benefits

He alth of hands and feet needs to be maintained to stay he althy and not cause he alth problems. In addition, clean and well-groomed nails will also be more beautiful to look at, so they can support your appearance.

Therefore, you need to do nail care regularly and one of them is with a manicure pedicure. The following are the benefits of manicure pedicure that can be obtained:

1. Caring for cuticles

The cuticle or nail bed is a clear layer of skin located under the fingernails and toenails. The function of the cuticle is to protect the nail from bacteria, especially as the nail grows. However, this part often goes unnoticed in daily nail care.

Through manicure pedicure, salon therapists will usually apply moisturizer, push the nail bed to make it look neater, and carefully remove excess skin.

2. Nail polish

When cutting your own nails, there may be uneven parts of the nails. This can make the nails look sloppy when they begin to grow later. To make your nails trimmed neatly and evenly, you can do a manicure pedicure.

Not only to trim your nails and make them neater, you can also do a manicure treatment to keep your fingernails long and keep them curved and beautiful with a well-groomed look.

3. Caring for dry skin on hands and feet

Dry skin can make hands and feet look wrinkled and dull. Even worse, this problem can make the feet and hands often itchy.

Dry skin on hands and feet can be caused by many things, for example weather factors, exposure to irritants or chemicals, washing hands too often, exposure to excessive UV rays, to the habit of wearing shoes that don't fit.

To overcome skin problems on the feet and hands, manicure pedicure treatment can be an option. Not only cleaning and tidying the shape of your nails, the skin on your toes and hands will also be moisturized when you do manicure and pedicure treatments so they don't dry out easily.

4. Removes dead skin cells

Dead skin cells, especially on the feet, can accumulate if the feet are often covered by closed socks and shoes or due to friction when walking or running. The buildup of dead skin cells can also occur if you don't exfoliate regularly.

When pedicure, beauty therapists will usually use scrub granules, paraffin wax, or pumice stone to remove dead skin cells. As a result, the skin on your feet will feel smoother, moisturized, and well-groomed.

5. Overcoming various complaints in the hands and feet

Various problems can come to the nails and the area around the hands and feet, such as ingrown or ingrown nails, cracked skin, calluses, and bad odor.

To prevent or overcome these problems, you can do toenail treatments, such as manicure pedicure, so that your hands and feet become he althier.

6. Gives a relaxing effect

Manicure pedicure treatment is usually accompanied by massage, so it can reduce tension and aches in the hands and feet. Massage will improve blood circulation, so that this part of the body becomes more relaxed. Not only that, body treatments such as manicure and pedicure can also make your mood better.

If you are doing a manicure pedicure at a salon, avoid shaving your hands and feet at least 24 hours before the treatment starts. This is because bacteria can enter the body through small cuts on freshly shaved skin.

When you want to do a manicure and pedicure, be sure to choose a beauty center that is clean and has a professional therapist staff. This is important to reduce the risk of developing nail problems due to improperly done manicure and pedicure, such as an injury to the nail or a fungal infection of the nail.

The benefits of manicure pedicure will be maximized if this treatment is carried out regularly. However, if you experience problems with your nails, such as dark or yellowish nails, cracked and brittle nails, and pain or swelling around your nails, consult a doctor and don't go for a manicure and pedicure.

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