Here's a list of 15 Baby Equipment to Buy

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Here's a list of 15 Baby Equipment to Buy
Here's a list of 15 Baby Equipment to Buy

In addition to preparing physically and mentally, pregnant women must also prepare various baby equipment needed after giving birth. So as not to be confused, let's know the list of baby equipment that pregnant women need to prepare from now on

A variety of cute and adorable baby items might make pregnant women want to buy them all when shopping. In fact, not all of the items will be used, so there is no need to buy them.

Here's 15 List of Baby Equipment That You Need to Buy - Alodokter

Well, so that pregnant women can save money and not overspend, it would be better if they already have a list of the most important baby equipment that needs to be purchased and complete them one by one before the little one is born.

List of Baby Equipment that Needs to be Purchased

The following is a list of baby items that pregnant women need to buy:

1. Diaper

Newborn babies usually need to change diapers 10-12 times a day. So, pregnant women need to prepare a stock of diapers for at least a few days. Disposable diapers will make it easier for pregnant women to change diapers at night or when outside the house.

However, if pregnant women plan to use cloth diapers that can be washed and reused, it is better to choose cotton that is easy to absorb and soft. Also choose cloth diapers that have straps or velcro, so pregnant women don't have to bother using safety pins.

2. Baby clothes and pants

When buying newborn clothes and pants, pregnant women are advised to choose clothes that are practical and still make their little ones comfortable. Here are the choices of clothes that pregnant women should prepare from the start:

  • 4–8 short and long jumpers with buttons on the shoulders, crotch, or along the front of the body
  • 4–8 shirt in kimono style with buttons on the shoulders
  • 4–8 pajama
  • 4–8 shorts, long pants, or leggings that stretch and cover baby's tummy
  • 1–3 sweater or jacket with button front

Choosing clothes with buttons in front is not only for the convenience of the little one, but also to make it easier for pregnant women to put on or take off their clothes.

3. Socks, gloves and hat

Pregnant women also need to prepare at least 3-4 pairs of socks and gloves, as well as 2-3 cotton hats.These items are very important to keep your little one feeling safe and comfortable in cold conditions. Gloves are also useful to prevent your little one from scratching himself and injuring his face.

4. Swaddle blanket

For 9 months, the position of the baby is like being swaddled or bundled in the womb. Therefore, pregnant women need to provide at least 3-4 blankets or cloths to swaddle their little ones for comfort after birth.

Women can prepare blankets or thin cotton cloths for hot weather and blankets with thicker materials for use in cold weather, air-conditioned rooms, or at night.

5. Baby cot

Baby equipment that needs to be bought next is a bed. This item is also important, because the safest place for babies to sleep for the first 6 months is in a special baby bed. Don't forget to also provide at least 4-5 replacement sheets made of soft materials.

6. Mosquito net

Mosquito nets can help protect babies from mosquito bites and attacks, especially if the pregnant woman's place of residence is an area with lots of mosquitoes. This option is safer than mosquito repellent which may irritate the skin.

7. Equipment for changing diapers

It is important to make sure pregnant women have all the equipment needed to change the baby's diaper, such as:

  • 2–3 packs of unscented and alcohol-free baby cotton balls
  • 1–2 packs of hypoallergenic wet wipes specifically for cleaning baby's diaper area
  • 2 bottles of diaper cream, if needed
  • Perlak or waterproof mat
  • Small trash can for disposable diapers or used cotton

8. Toiletries

Newborn baby's skin is still very delicate, soft, and sensitive, so it requires special toiletries and bath products for newborns and does not cause allergies or irritation. Here are the toiletries that babies need:

  • Bath tub, to make it easier and safer when bathing baby
  • 2–4 bath towels
  • Baby soap and shampoo

In addition to bathing equipment, pregnant women also need to prepare various skin care products that can be used after bathing their little ones, such as baby powder, fine comb, skin moisturizer, and massage oil or telon oil.

Telon oil can keep the baby's body warm after bathing, relieve flatulence, and prevent colds and mosquito bites.

9. Small Bib

Babies will usually expel breast milk or spit up when burping. Well, the use of a small bib around the baby's neck will protect his clothes to keep them clean. The bib should also be easily removable.

10. Milk bottle

If pregnant women plan to use milk bottles, for example for expressed breast milk, pregnant women need at least 4-6 bottles along with a brush to clean them. To sterilize, pregnant women can boil milk bottles with boiling water for 30 minutes.

11. Baby detergent

Pregnant women may also need gentle baby laundry products for your little one's clothes. This is because the skin of newborns tends to be very delicate and may be sensitive to the chemicals found in ordinary detergents.

12. Nail clippers and ear buds

To prevent babies from hurting their faces because of long nails, pregnant women need to prepare special baby nail clippers. In addition, ear buds that are useful for cleaning the outer area of ​​​​the baby's ears are also important to buy.

13. Drugs

Women can ask the doctor what medicine can be given to the baby for common problems, such as fever or colic. Store the medicine in a cool and dry place.

14. baby bag

Baby equipment that is also important to buy is a bag. It's better to choose a baby bag that has many compartments to make it easier for pregnant women to find the things they need.

15. Toys and entertainment

Babies don't need fancy toys. However, some rattles, musical toys, or soft toys can be useful for stimulating brain development. In addition, pregnant women can also read books or fairy tales to their little ones from an early age.

Besides, there are some other items that pregnant women will need. If pregnant women have a car and will be driving with their little one, a special baby car seat is very necessary to keep her safe while in the car. In addition, make sure that this seat is installed properly according to the specifications of the car.

Meanwhile, if pregnant women have to work or travel leaving their little ones, a breast pump to express breast milk is also needed to ensure that your little one can still get breast milk.

Well, now you don't have to be confused about sorting the list of baby equipment that needs to be bought. If your child is known to have special needs, pregnant women can also consult a doctor first about what items need to be purchased.Don't forget to invite your husband to prepare all the baby equipment, okay.

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