Giving Lemons to Babies, Is it OK?

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Giving Lemons to Babies, Is it OK?
Giving Lemons to Babies, Is it OK?

Lemon is known as a fruit that has many he alth benefits. However, is this sour-tasting fruit safe to give to babies? If so, when and how is lemon recommended for babies?

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C. This fruit also contains vitamin B6, potassium, and a number of bioactive compounds. The content in lemon is known to have many he alth benefits. Even so, this fruit has a very sour taste.

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Safety of Consumption of Lemon in Babies

The many benefits of lemon might make you interested in giving it to your little one, but you may also be worried about the side effects of the acidity of this fruit. Actually, giving lemons to babies is safe, really. Lemons can be given to babies since the beginning of the complementary feeding period or at the age of 6 months.

One lemon can meet your baby's daily vitamin C needs up to 90%. Vitamin C is known to be good for the development of the nervous system, increase body immunity, prevent anemia, nourish the heart, increase energy, and help the formation of the bones and teeth of the little one.

In addition, the bioactive compounds in lemons can also be antioxidants that can protect your little one's body cells from damage caused by excess free radicals, for example from air pollution or cigarette smoke.

Adding lemon to complementary foods is also a great way to add flavor, considering that adding s alt to solids is not recommended until the baby is 12 months old.

In addition, if you give your little one solid food made from meat, the lemon drops can make the meat softer so it's easier to chew.

Things to Pay Attention to Before Giving Lemons to Babies

Lemon does provide benefits for your little one's growth and development. However, it is not recommended that you serve lemon in the form of slices or juice for your little one, right.

Giving a slice of lemon to your little one can cause irritation to his skin. Your little one is also prone to reflux and diaper rash. Plus, even adults might not be able to withstand the sour taste if they suck on a lemon directly, let alone babies, right?

In addition, experts also do not recommend that babies drink any fruit juices before they are 1 year old. Even at the age of 1-3 years, juice consumption needs to be limited. The reason is because children of this age also need a variety of nutritional intake from other foods.

So that your little one gets the benefits of lemon, Mother must serve this fruit in the right way. Mother can mix a few drops of lemon on the MPASI menu or you can also make it a marinade for beef or chicken.

Lemon is not a food ingredient that can cause allergies. However, there is a study which states that children who are allergic to pollen and grass are at risk for allergies as well to fruits in the citrus group, including lemons.

To ensure the safety of consuming lemon on your little one, you should first consult a doctor. In addition, also apply the method of serving lemons that are safe for babies as described above, yes, Bun. Good luck!

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