Beware of the Negative Impact of Online Schools on Children

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Beware of the Negative Impact of Online Schools on Children
Beware of the Negative Impact of Online Schools on Children

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has decided that all teaching and learning activities are carried out at home online. Although it can protect children from the Corona virus, online schools also have the potential to have a negative impact, you know, Bun. Come on, find out the impact here

Until now the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended. This condition forces children to study and do all schoolwork at home online. Although all the activities of the baby at home can be monitored properly by the mother, online school can also provide extraordinary challenges.

Beware of the Negative Impact of Online Schools on Children - Alodokter

Series of Impacts of Online Schools on Children

Online schooling at home can indeed protect children from the transmission of the Corona virus. By staying at home, Mother can monitor everything that your Little One does and make sure he or she applies daily he alth protocols.

However, learning activities carried out at home continuously have the potential to have a negative impact on children, including:

1. Not understanding the lesson well

Limited interactions when learning online can make it difficult for children to understand the explanations presented by the teacher. Plus if the child is hesitant or hesitant to ask.

In addition, inadequate internet connection and gadgets can make it difficult for children to understand lessons. This of course can have an impact on his academic grades.

2. More lazy and dependent on parents

Spending more time with parents is important. However, this can make children more lazy, less learning to be independent, and dependent on their parents.

For some children, learning at home online is considered more difficult and unattractive than learning directly at school. This can make the child reluctant to do the given task.

Sometimes parents want to help their children complete these tasks so that their children can follow the lessons well and get maximum grades. However, if this happens too often, children can rely on their parents and let go of their duties.

3. Exposure to gadgets more often

Online schools require children to use gadgets more often. In fact, the recommended screen time or time using gadgets for children aged 2-5 years is only 1 hour, while for elementary school age children it is only 2 hours.

If strict restrictions are not applied, children may become accustomed to using gadgets, even during their study time. This can have a negative impact on children's eye he alth and cause children to become addicted to gadgets.

4. Anxiety and stress increase

Children can be more prone to feeling anxious and stressed during online school. This is because some teachers may feel that what is delivered through online classes is still not enough, so they tend to give more assignments that can burden the child.

Being at home more often can also make children bored and feel responsible for household chores. Not to mention if parents ask their children for help between breaks that they actually need. This can make children feel that their freedom is being taken away and eventually stressed.

5. Lack of socializing

During school at home, children cannot play freely at school with their friends.Children also can not socialize with new people. If this happens for a long time, the child can become a quiet person and not confident in the future.

6. High risk of being an outlet for parental stress

It must be acknowledged that guiding children to learn requires considerable energy and patience. In addition, some parents also have to work from home. Doing all of this at the same time can be stressful for parents.

With a high level of stress and perhaps a child who constantly demands to be helped or accompanied, it is not impossible for parents to lose their temper from time to time and scold, yell, or even physically abuse their child.

By knowing the impact of online schooling on children that has been described above, now Mothers have a better understanding of the psychological condition of their children and the risks that can occur when facing online schooling.

Even so, staying at home is the best choice during a pandemic like now. Of course, your little one also needs to get adequate education. So, try to stay patient and do your best when accompanying your child to learn, OK, Bun.

If while studying at home your little one starts to show signs of depression, stress, and depression, for example, he gets angry more often, cries, and shuts himself off, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist so that your little one's condition doesn't stop. getting worse.

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