These are the characteristics of online game addiction and how to overcome them

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These are the characteristics of online game addiction and how to overcome them
These are the characteristics of online game addiction and how to overcome them

Addiction to online games can be experienced by anyone, both children, teenagers, to adults. In fact, playing games can be a fun thing to deal with stress. However, if done excessively, this habit can be bad for the sufferer

Not a few people make online games a hobby to fill their spare time. If it is still carried out within reasonable limits and does not interfere with activities or he alth conditions, this habit is actually not problematic.

These are the characteristics of online game addiction and how to overcome them - Alodokter

However, if playing online games has caused addiction or addiction, this is what you need to be aware of.

Online game addiction can be defined as a mental disorder characterized by the urge to play games for hours on end even forgetting or ignoring other activities, such as work or schoolwork.

This type of addiction can even cause sufferers to experience various other psychological problems, such as anxiety disorders and depression

Various Symptoms of Online Game Addiction

A person can be said to be addicted to online games if he has experienced some of the following symptoms and has lasted for 1 year or more:

  • Has a urge to play games all the time
  • Feeling gloomy, stressed or angry when you can't play games
  • Need more time to play to feel better
  • Spends most of his time playing games without doing other activities, such as eating, bathing, studying, or working
  • Having problems at home, school or work regarding gaming habits
  • Has a habit of lying to others because of the urge to always play games
  • Wasting money to buy games

In addition to the various psychological symptoms above, people who are addicted to online games can also experience physical symptoms, such as easy fatigue, headaches or migraines, back pain, and dizzy eyes.

In severe cases, online game addicts can even experience hand nerve disorders due to playing games for a long time.

Some online game addicts don't have a problem with their behavior disorders. Therefore, a psychological examination from a psychologist or psychiatrist is needed to determine whether someone is really addicted to online games or not.

How to Overcome Online Game Addiction

If you are addicted to online games, here are some tips that you can try to overcome this problem:

1. Limiting game play time

One way that can be done to prevent and overcome the problem of online game addiction is to limit playing time.

If you often spend too much time playing games, try to make a game play schedule and set a playing time limit, for example only 1 hour per day.

Having a regular schedule can help you divide your time between playing games and completing other tasks. If necessary, you can also create reminder notes or alarms on your phone so you don't spend too much time playing the game.

2. Looking for a new hobby

To reduce the obsession with games that are often played, you can also try some new hobbies besides playing games, such as playing musical instruments, painting, exercising, or reading books.These activities can be used to distract you from your phone or computer screen.

Not only good for reducing addiction to online games, physical activity or regular exercise can also keep the body he althy and fit, and prevent and relieve he alth problems due to playing games too often, such as back pain.

3. Putting the game device outside the bedroom

The bedroom is often a comfortable place to play online games. If you're already addicted, you may end up spending hours late into the night playing games in your room.

This of course can interfere with sleep and over time will have an impact on your he alth condition.

To overcome addiction to online games, we recommend placing the devices used for playing, such as mobile phones, computers, or game consoles, outside the bedroom. Thus, you can reduce your playing time because there are no playing devices near you.

4. Undergoing psychotherapy

If the above methods don't work to solve the problem of online game addiction, you need to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. To overcome this problem, a doctor or psychologist may provide psychotherapy.

One of the techniques that can be used to treat online game addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Addiction to online games is one of the most common mental he alth problems lately. If you are addicted to online games that interfere with your break, school or daily work, you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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