Recognizing 5 Benefits of Playing Chess for He alth

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Recognizing 5 Benefits of Playing Chess for He alth
Recognizing 5 Benefits of Playing Chess for He alth

There are various benefits of playing chess, especially for brain and mental he alth. One of the games that many people love, this game is known to be good for increasing concentration power to hone one's creativity and intelligence

Chess is a type of strategy game that is played on a checkerboard pattern and is generally played by 2 people. Although it does not require strenuous physical activity, chess is considered a sport that can provide he alth benefits.

Recognize 5 Benefits of Playing Chess for He alth - Alodokter

Benefits of Playing Chess for He alth

Not only fun, there are various he alth benefits of playing chess that you can get if you do it regularly, namely:

1. Maintain brain he alth and function

One of the benefits of playing chess is maintaining brain function and he alth. Several studies have shown that playing chess can increase the memory capacity of the brain as well as train the brain's ability to think, plan, and solve problems.

2. Increase intelligence

In addition to improving memory, playing chess is also beneficial for increasing brain intelligence. People who often play chess have the ability to think and reason well, so it is easier to find a solution to a problem.

There are also studies that say that children who like to play chess on average have better academic achievements and IQs than children who rarely play chess. This means that playing chess can make children smarter.

3. Increase concentration power

Difficulty in concentration can make a person take longer to complete work, as well as difficulty understanding lessons in class or absorbing information. Difficulty in concentrating can be caused by many things and one of them is the aging process in the brain.

If you often find it difficult to concentrate, you can start playing chess regularly. This game is proven to be good for increasing concentration and training the brain's capacity to store short-term memory.

4. Increase creativity

Not only for artists, such as artists, musicians, or painters, creativity is an important thing for every human being. Creative thinking skills play an important role in solving problems and understanding situations in everyday life.

Some people are born with a natural talent for creative thinking, but some are not. Well, to hone your creativity, you can try various activities, including playing chess.

Several studies show that playing chess can train the brain's ability to imagine, so that creativity can be more formed.

5. Prevent senile

Dementia is a memory disorder that makes a person often forget. When experiencing severe dementia or dementia, a person can even have difficulty carrying out daily activities and not be able to recognize those closest to him. This condition can be caused by various diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease.

To prevent senile dementia, you are advised to regularly train your brain's ability to remember and think. There are many activities you can do to prevent senile dementia, from reading often, playing music, pursuing hobbies, to playing chess.

Several studies show that playing chess is beneficial in maintaining brain he alth and function, as well as training sharpness of memory and concentration. In the elderly, the effect of playing chess is also good for preventing senile dementia and dementia.

Those are the various benefits of chess for he alth. However, so that these various benefits can be obtained optimally, you are also advised to live a he althy lifestyle, namely by eating nutritious foods, getting enough rest time, and reducing stress.

If you still have questions about the benefits of playing chess for he alth or other types of activities that can hone your skills and maintain brain function, you can consult a doctor to find out more.

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