These are the effects of social media that you may not realize

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These are the effects of social media that you may not realize
These are the effects of social media that you may not realize

Accessing social media is fun. However, if it's not accompanied by good self-control, there are social media impacts that can burden you without you even realizing it

Almost every day social media users upload their best photos, statuses and videos. This activity becomes so much fun because of the "reward" system from other people in the form of likes and comments. In fact, there are people who can lie about their lives on social media.

These are the effects of social media that you may not realize - Alodokter

The Impact of Social Media on Someone's Mental He alth

People in the age range of 18–25 years usually use social media to get the latest information about things that are going viral, make new friends, or just to strengthen friendships. Unfortunately, some of them are trapped in low self-esteem after using social media.

This is evidenced by research which states that about 88% of people will compare their lives with other people's lives that appear on social media. This can make them feel inferior and think negatively about themselves.

This way of thinking is also known to increase a person's risk of experiencing duck syndrome or unhe althy thought patterns, such as toxic positivity.

Other studies have also shown that teens who frequently access social media for more than 2 hours per day are more at risk of developing psychological disorders, ranging from anxiety disorders to depression.

Why This Social Media Impact Can Happen?

If only based on social media, other people's lives can indeed look so fun. Well, people who see that may forget that other people have problems in life, just like him.

He only sees what other people have but not him. This can make him feel less grateful, inferior, or jealous of other people's lives.

In addition, the reward system in social media can make a person judge himself based on the number of likes and comments he gets.

In the end, he will try hard, even to the point of addiction, to attract the attention of others in order to increase his appreciation for himself. This runs the risk of making him feel insecure and negative if he doesn't get a large number of likes.

The opening of social media also allows other people to freely comment. Negative comments from other people can certainly hurt feelings and make someone feel worthless.

Using Social Media Wisely

Spending too long time looking at other people's lives on social media is the same as filling your brain with less important information. In fact, if used properly and wisely, social media can be an effective means to create positive things in the real world.

There are several guidelines that you can do to avoid the negative impact of social media, including:

  • Try to stay away from social media and technology every now and then. Instead, go with friends or family without a gadget, so you can spend quality time with the people closest to you.
  • Think carefully about the effects that will come before you upload your outpouring to social media.
  • Think about your goals and plans in your life, such as the goals you want to achieve at school, college, or at work, then use social media as a means to achieve your goals.
  • Determine the content, when and how you will use social media to achieve your goals. Always ask yourself, whether what you upload will help you achieve that goal or not.
  • Avoid responding to all negative comments or reactions about you or other people or anything else on social media, so you can maintain a positive mind.
  • Avoid the habit of looking for bad news on social media (doomscrolling).
  • Once in a while, go on a social media detox and focus on the people around you, such as your partner, family, or friends.

The impact of social media can keep someone from living a quality and happy life. Therefore, try to apply the methods above so that social media can be something that is not only entertaining, but also useful for you.

If you think you have a problem with using social media or maybe your friends and family often complain that you use social media too much, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist, okay.

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