Like This Long-lasting Natural Fast Skinny Diet

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Like This Long-lasting Natural Fast Skinny Diet
Like This Long-lasting Natural Fast Skinny Diet

Fast skinny diet can be done by changing the lifestyle you live. Although claims to lose weight quickly sound tempting, going on a diet to lose weight quickly is not an easy thing

The ideal weight loss target is 0.5–1 kg per week. So, even if you want to lose weight quickly, you still need to be patient and diligent in going on a diet until you reach the desired ideal weight.

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Many people are tempted to try various diets to lose weight quickly. In fact, fast skinny diet is actually less recommended. Besides being unhe althy, this diet is also difficult to follow consistently.

Over time, you may find it difficult to maintain the recommended dietary changes during your diet.

Fast Skinny Diet Guide

For those of you who want to try a skinny fast diet, try following some of these tips:

1. Avoid skipping breakfast

Many people think that not having breakfast can make the body thin quickly. In fact, this assumption is not true.

Breakfast is very important to give the body the energy it needs to carry out daily activities while making you feel full longer. Thus, the urge to snack and overeat is reduced.

At breakfast, choose he althy foods that contain protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber, such as eggs, skim milk, nuts, fruit, and vegetables.

2. Avoid sugary drinks

Sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar and high enough calories so they can increase weight.

In running a fast skinny diet, you are advised to avoid consuming sugary and high-calorie drinks, such as soda, smoothies, sweet iced tea, sweet yogurt, energy drinks, and packaged fruit juices.

3. Drink water before eating

So that weight loss can run faster, make it a habit to drink water at least 30 minutes before eating. This habit can prevent you from overeating and make you feel fuller.

4. Consumption of foods containing soluble fiber

Foods that contain soluble fiber can make you feel full longer. You can get this soluble fiber by eating nuts, avocados, sweet potatoes, broccoli, pears, carrots, apples, dragon fruit, guava, sunflower seeds, figs, and oats.

5. Consumption of coffee and tea

Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea, can increase levels of the hormone epinephrine in the body. When the level of the hormone epinephrine increases, the fat in the body will be easily broken down so that weight will fall.

However, it should be noted that the performance of the hormone epinephrine in weight loss cannot run optimally without a he althy diet and adequate exercise. Also, make sure you drink coffee and tea without any other additives, such as sugar or cream.

6. Avoid processed foods

Avoid consumption of processed foods, such as dried fruit, frozen foods, breakfast cereals, fast food, breads, cakes, biscuits, canned vegetables, and processed meats.

Consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts is recommended because they are more nutritious and can keep you full longer.

7. Eat food slowly

People who often eat fast will more easily gain weight. Therefore, eat slowly so that your body can adjust the feeling of fullness with the amount of food consumed.

Eating slowly can also make you feel full faster, even if you don't eat too much food.

8. Do exercise regularly

In addition to maintaining food intake, you are also advised to exercise regularly if you want to lose weight. Cardio and resistance-building exercises, such as lifting weights, are great options for weight loss.

9. Get enough sleep

Poor sleep quality also contributes to weight gain, so it's important to make sure you get enough sleep every day.

Although there are various ways to lose weight fast, you are still advised to have a he althy diet to lose weight gradually. This kind of diet is also more sustainable in the long term.

The thing that is no less important is that a fast skinny diet cannot be done arbitrarily and should be done under the supervision of a nutritionist.

If done incorrectly or too extreme, dieting fast can actually cause you to experience various he alth problems, such as headaches, constipation, dehydration, and malnutrition.

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