Rich in Nutrients, These are the Benefits of Blueberries for Babies

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Rich in Nutrients, These are the Benefits of Blueberries for Babies
Rich in Nutrients, These are the Benefits of Blueberries for Babies

There are various types of fruits that you can give to complete the nutritional needs of your little one. One of them is blueberries. This fruit, known as a superfood, is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for baby's growth and development

Blueberry is a type of blue berry with a small round shape. Mother has been able to serve blueberries as a complementary food menu since the little one was 6 months old. Blueberries are not included in foods that have a high risk of allergies so they are very safe to be given at the beginning of the complementary food period.

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Benefits of Blueberries for Babies

This refreshing sweet and sour fruit contains a variety of important nutrients needed by babies, ranging from carbohydrates, fiber, protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, manganese, copper, to various antioxidants.

Thanks to this content, blueberries are an ideal fruit choice for complementary foods. Here are the benefits of blueberries for babies:

1. Is a good source of energy

Blueberries can be a good source of energy for babies. In 150 grams of blueberries contained about 85 calories. With natural carbohydrates and sugars in them, blueberries can provide enough energy for your little one to actively move and think.

2. He althy digestive tract

Blueberry is a fruit that has a fairly high water content, which is around 85%. In addition, blueberries are also a good source of fiber for babies. These two ingredients can help smooth the work of the digestive organs and prevent your little one from becoming dehydrated, diarrhea, or constipated.

3. Increase body immunity

In addition to preventing your little one from experiencing digestive disorders, a he althy digestive tract also makes the absorption of nutrients from food more optimal. Of course this will strengthen his body's immunity.

In addition, the content of vitamin C and various antioxidants in blueberries can also maintain and increase the strength of the immune system in fighting viruses, bacteria, and parasites that cause disease.

4. Protects body cells from damage

Blueberries are rich in antioxidant compounds that can protect baby's body cells from free radical damage.This protection can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, including cancer. The antioxidants in blueberries can also prevent and suppress inflammatory reactions in the baby's body.

In addition, anthocyanin compounds that give blueberries their color are also known to act as antioxidants to maintain he althy eyes, brain, and urinary tract of children.

5. Supports bone and muscle growth

The content of B vitamins, manganese, and copper in blueberries can support the baby's bone growth to be more optimal. In addition, the potassium content in blueberries is also beneficial for muscle development and nourishes brain nerve cells.

Mother, those are the various benefits of blueberries for babies. This fruit should not be given in its entirety to your little one before the age of 12 months, yes. This is to prevent the risk of choking.

In addition, choose blueberries that are fresh blue. Avoid buying blueberries that have scratches or bruises on the skin. Before processing, wash the blueberries thoroughly to remove any bacteria and pesticides that may still be attached.

You can mash blueberries and mix them with oatmeal, yogurt, or other fruits, such as apples, pears, bananas, or avocados, to add flavor and enrich food nutrition.

Although blueberries are not classified as foods that can cause allergies, you still need to pay attention to your little one's reaction when they eat this fruit for the first time. If after consuming blueberries your little one shows allergy symptoms, immediately take him to the doctor for proper examination and treatment.

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