Miracle Fruit, The Unique Fruit with High Efficacy

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Miracle Fruit, The Unique Fruit with High Efficacy
Miracle Fruit, The Unique Fruit with High Efficacy

Miracle fruit or magic fruit is being talked about by many people. This is because miracle fruit has a unique ability to change the taste of any food to sweetness. Why is that so? Check out the full explanation here

Miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a plant native to West Africa which is still in the same family as the sapodilla fruit. Miracle fruit has an oval shape with a length of 2-3 cm resembling a melinjo fruit or coffee fruit. When ripe, the miracle fruit will turn red.

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The Unique Miracle Fruit That Can Change the Taste

Miracle fruit actually has a bland taste. Then how can this fruit turn any taste sweet? After investigation, this sweet taste change comes from a protein molecule called miraculin.

Miraculin is a type of protein that can bind to the cells of the tongue and change its structure. This change causes the tongue to create a sweet taste sensation, even when it sticks to sour or bitter foods.

The protein binding process that changes the taste to sweetness will take about 15-60 minutes until the miraculin finally disappears by itself.

Various Benefits of Miracle Fruit for He alth

Thanks to its unique ability to change taste, miracle fruit is often used as a natural low-calorie sweetener. However, it doesn't stop there, there are also several other miracle fruit benefits that we can get, namely:

1. Lowering the risk of diabetes

Miracle fruit is very good consumed by diabetics because it does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. In addition, miracle fruit can also help diabetics satisfy their cravings for sweet foods without having to eat high-sugar foods that are not good for them.

Not only that, a study shows that miracle fruit can prevent insulin resistance on a high-sugar diet so that it can help reduce the risk of diabetes. However, this research has only been done on animals, so its effectiveness in humans still needs to be investigated.

2. Recover changes in taste on the tongue after chemotherapy

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy usually experience a number of side effects, including taste changes that make the tongue taste bitter. This condition can certainly make the patient lose his appetite, so there is a risk of causing drastic weight loss.

An experiment on chemotherapy patients showed that miracle fruit can change the taste of food that was bitter for them to sweet. This change can increase their desire to eat, while increasing the intake of the nutrients they need.

3. Lose weight

Foods high in sugar are known to play a major role in weight gain. For those of you who are undergoing a weight loss program but have trouble avoiding sweet foods, try consuming miracle fruit with he althy foods that are low in sugar.

Besides, miracle fruit is very low in calories and contains no fat. With its delicious taste and unique properties, miracle fruit is perfect for helping to lose weight.\

4. Increase children's appetite to eat vegetables

Some parents complain that their children don't like to eat vegetables. On average, children reason that vegetables taste bitter.

Instead of forcing you, let alone scolding your child, try giving a miracle fruit to him before he eats vegetables. This might help increase the child's appetite for vegetables.

However, try to get your child used to eating vegetables without the help of a miracle fruit, so that he can get used to a he althy diet until he grows up.

Seeing its unique abilities and he alth benefits, you may be interested in incorporating miracle fruit into your daily he althy diet, for example to improve the taste of he althy food but it doesn't taste good.

However, keep in mind that long-term research on the benefits and safety of miracle fruit is still limited. So, try to build and maintain a he althy diet without the help of this fruit.

If you want to take advantage of the miracle fruit for certain conditions, consult the doctor who treats you first. Using miracle fruit as a therapy to replace the medication recommended by the doctor can put your he alth at risk.

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