Tips for Successful Weaning of Children

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Tips for Successful Weaning of Children
Tips for Successful Weaning of Children

Many mothers decide to start weaning their children after 2 years of breastfeeding. However, in fact weaning is not as easy as imagined. So, how can you successfully wean your baby?

WHO recommends mothers to breastfeed until the child is 2 years old. After the age of 2 years, mothers are advised to start completely discontinuing breastfeeding or weaning. This is not done without reason, Bun. Children over the age of 2 generally begin to need more energy and nutrients.

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Therefore, your little one needs to be introduced to a variety of foods other than breast milk. This is also the right time to form a he althy diet that he can carry into adulthood.

Series of Tips for Weaning Children

Not infrequently the weaning moment makes the mother's mood go wild because she doesn't have the heart when the little one asks to breastfeed. You may also feel that you miss breastfeeding moments that can naturally make you feel happy and full of love.

Although it sounds simple, the things above can reduce the success of weaning. Well, there are some tips that you can apply so that weaning your child can walk without interference, including:

1. Do it slowly

Suddenly stopping breastfeeding while the breasts are still producing milk can cause milk to accumulate in the breasts. This can cause the breasts to swell and become painful.

Therefore, one of the keys to successful weaning is to do it slowly. In addition to preventing swollen and painful breasts, this method is also better because Mother and Little One can adapt longer to days without breastfeeding.

2. Reduce feeding schedule

To wean slowly, Mothers are also recommended to reduce the breastfeeding schedule. If your baby usually breastfeeds five times a day, you can slowly reduce it to four times a day, then three times a day. Gradually, try to reduce it until your little one can't breastfeed all day.

3. Teach children to drink using a glass

Mom also needs to teach your little one to start drinking using a glass. This method will make it easier for him to drink milk without having to feed directly to Mother. If you get used to it, your little one will gradually forget his habit of breastfeeding.

4. Communicate

Even though they are still babies, children will actually understand what their parents are saying. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your little one about your purpose for weaning him regularly.

If you intend to wean at the age of 2 years, start a conversation about stopping breastfeeding from the age of 18 or 20 months. Also give him compliments that make him proud, such as, “Wow, you're going to stop breastfeeding soon, aren't you? Great!" Don't get me wrong, this method can be very effective for some children, you know.

5. Distract

The little one may remember and suddenly ask Mother to breastfeed after a while she is not breastfeeding. If this happens, try to distract him. You can invite him to play or give him a he althy snack he likes.

Some children may be fussy because their desire to breastfeed is not fulfilled. However, if the mother remains patient and actively distracts the little one, she can, really, forget the desire to breastfeed. Don't give up, ok, Bun!

6. Involve husband

Weaning a child alone can be very difficult. Therefore, Mother needs to involve Dad to help with the weaning process. When the little one starts to tantrum because the mother is not breastfeeding immediately, the father can play a role in entertaining and distracting him, so that he forgets to ask for milk.

Remember that breastfeeding and weaning is a shared responsibility, not just the mother. So, Mom and Dad must be united and work together to do it.

7. Consistent

Well, the last tip is that you have to be consistent to do it. Even though you can't bear to see your little one crying because they want to breastfeed, you must remain patient and firm. Remember, that all this is done for the good of your little angel Mother.

Those are a series of tips for successful weaning of children. The important thing to remember when weaning is the comfort of the baby. If your little one is not ready to stop breastfeeding, there is nothing wrong with continuing to breastfeed for more than 2 years.In fact, there are several studies that discuss its benefits, you know.

In addition, the little one who is fussy and can't stop crying when he wants to feed can stress Mom and Dad. In fact, not a few mothers who experience depression during and after weaning children. Therefore, also focus on your comfort when you start weaning, okay.

If you have determined to wean your child, but have difficulty doing so despite implementing the methods above, you should consult a lactation consultant to get the right direction.

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