Tips to Prevent Breast Milk Leaks that are Important for Breastfeeding to Know

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Tips to Prevent Breast Milk Leaks that are Important for Breastfeeding to Know
Tips to Prevent Breast Milk Leaks that are Important for Breastfeeding to Know

Having abundant breast milk is a gift that Busui needs to be grateful for. However, this excessive milk production can sometimes leak and make Busui uncomfortable or even embarrassed. No need to worry. Come on, apply the following tips to prevent breast milk leakage

Leaking milk is a common thing experienced by breastfeeding mothers after 1-2 weeks of delivery. This leakage can occur because milk production is still not controlled. Actually, this unexpected release of milk is a good thing because it can prevent Busui from developing breast engorgement or mastitis.

Tips for Preventing Breast Milk Leaks that are Important for Breastfeeding to Know - Alodokter

Leaking milk can occur when a nursing mother thinks or hears her baby's cry, takes a warm bath, or it can happen when she is not doing anything.

In addition, sex can also cause milk to leak out, because the hormone oxytocin released during sex can stimulate the breasts like when a baby suckles.

Tips to Prevent Milk Leakage

Most breastfeeding mothers are not bothered by the leakage of milk. However, there are breastfeeding mothers who feel uncomfortable, even to the point of becoming frustrated. To prevent leakage of breast milk that can seep into clothes, the following are tips that Busui can apply:

1. Use breast pads

Busui can use breast pads to prevent leaked milk from seeping into clothes. These breast pads are available as disposable or washable and reusable fabrics.

Choose breast pads that are soft and highly absorbent. In addition, also choose a pad that is the right size for Busui's breasts to make it comfortable to wear.

Make sure Busui brings a supply of breast pads when going out of the house, okay? Replace the pad if it feels wet or very damp, to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in the nipple area.

2. Use a container for breast milk

In addition to breast pads, Busui can also use breast shells to prevent breast milk from seeping into clothes. Unlike breast pads, these containers can accommodate leaking milk so it doesn't go to waste.

Generally, these containers are made of silicone. If you want to use breast milk from this container, Busui must sterilize the container before use. This is important to reduce the risk of breast milk being contaminated with germs and bacteria.

3. Put pressure on the nipple

If Busui feels a contraction in the breast or the milk has leaked at an inopportune time, for example when Busui is talking to a friend, cross your arms on your breast and press gently. This can prevent the milk from leaking out or stop more milk from flowing out.

4. Pump breast milk as often as possible

When going to work or doing other activities outside the home, Busui is advised to keep pumping breast milk regularly every 3-4 hours, so that the milk does not stagnate in the breasts. Make sure Busui washes his hands first before pumping and storing expressed breast milk, OK.

5. Wear clothes that can disguise the leakage of breast milk

Busui can use dark colored and patterned clothes to help disguise it if milk leaks at any time. In addition, Busui is also advised to bring a bra, spare clothes, or a jacket to prevent milk leakage.

Those are tips that Busui can apply to prevent breast milk leakage. Usually, the problem of leaking milk will disappear 6-10 weeks after delivery. This does not mean reduced milk production, yes. Currently, Busui's body is used to providing the amount of breast milk that the little one needs.

Leaky breast milk can actually continue as long as Busui is breastfeeding and this is quite normal. However, if this persists for up to 3 months after the child is weaned, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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