Dangers of Self-Diagnosis for He alth

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Dangers of Self-Diagnosis for He alth
Dangers of Self-Diagnosis for He alth

“Since yesterday, how come my mood is unstable, huh? It's possible that I'm bipolar, here!” Try to remember, have you ever thought like that? If so, be careful, yes. Self diagnosis can actually be bad for your he alth

Self diagnosis is an attempt to self-diagnose based on information obtained independently. This information can be obtained from anywhere, for example friends, family, internet, or previous experiences.

Dangers of Self-Diagnosis for He alth - Alodokter

In fact, the actual diagnosis of a disease can only be done by medical personnel, such as doctors, psychiatrists, or psychologists.

Dangers of Self-Diagnosis to Beware of

There are several bad effects that may appear when you do a self-diagnosis, including:

Wrong diagnosis

Establishing a diagnosis is not easy. The diagnosis is determined based on a thorough analysis of symptoms, past medical history, environmental factors, as well as findings from a physical examination and investigations.

Not infrequently, various follow-up examinations and in-depth observations are needed to find out whether there is a problem with a person's physical or mental state.

When doing self-diagnosis, you can really miss these important factors, so that you end up concluding the wrong diagnosis. Especially, if the information you get comes from untrusted sources.

You need to know that experiencing one or two symptoms of a disease does not mean you have the disease. Not to mention, there are many diseases that have similar symptoms.

For example, irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer which both have symptoms of diarrhea and constipation. As another example, feeling deeply saddened can be a symptom of bipolar or depression, but it can also be a normal psychological response to an event.


If the diagnosis is not correct, it is likely that the treatment will also be wrong. After self-diagnosis, a person may buy the wrong medicine or take other treatment. In fact, each disease has different treatments, types of drugs, and drug doses.

Consumption of the wrong drug can actually cause new he alth problems, trigger side effects and drug interactions, or even drug dependence.Although there are some medicines that do not cause any harmful side effects, if you use the wrong medicine, the complaints you feel will not improve with these drugs.

Trigger more severe he alth problems

Due to misdiagnosing and not getting the right treatment, the disease you are suffering from can actually get worse or add new problems (complications). This is because the medicine you are taking does not have any impact on the disease you are experiencing.

For example, after finding out for yourself, a person can diagnose and treat complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, and coughing up phlegm that he is experiencing as bronchitis. In fact, these complaints can also be symptoms of a more severe disease, such as pneumonia or even heart disease.

Suppose what he actually had was pneumonia. If not treated properly, pneumonia can cause various complications, ranging from pleural effusion to respiratory failure.

On the other hand, if the person perceives his complaint as pneumonia even though what is actually experiencing is bronchitis, he may be taking medicines that are not really needed. This can cause unwanted side effects.

If seen from the other side, self-diagnosis can be a form of concern for oneself and a careful attitude to the changes that occur in their own body. However, this form of caring will be in vain if it ends up endangering yourself.

To get the right examination and treatment, it is better to consult a doctor if you feel a disturbing symptom. If you want another opinion, you can ask a doctor or other specialist, really.

You can still find information about your complaint or what solution is best for you. However, use this as a provision to discuss with the doctor, not self-diagnosis, so that you really understand what is happening to you and get the right treatment.

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