He alth Risks Behind Having Long Nails

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He alth Risks Behind Having Long Nails
He alth Risks Behind Having Long Nails

Long and well-groomed nails can indeed make you look beautiful and more confident. However, did you know that there are he alth risks that can be lurking behind those beautiful long nails?

The choice to have long nails is actually not only for women, because some men are also interested in lengthening their nails, either on one finger or in all fingers. Are you one of them?

He alth Risks Behind Having Long Nails - Alodokter

Perhaps you are already familiar with the advice to be diligent in cutting your nails that your parents or teachers keep repeating. If in the past you were just confused or even annoyed by hearing it over and over again, now you should know what the real reason behind that advice is.

Series of He alth Risks of Having Long Nails

Long nails can be a source of various diseases. Even with the hand washing steps that you think are correct, long nails will not be completely clean.

Every time you wash your hands, you need to thoroughly scrub the area behind your long nails to make sure they are clean every time you wash your hands. Of course this will take a longer process than if you have short nails. Not everyone can maintain this habit consistently.

Therefore, before deciding to lengthen your nails, it's a good idea to know the he alth risks behind these long nails:

1. Diarrhea

Diarrhea may already be familiar to our ears. Diseases that make sufferers have watery stools many times can be caused by many things, ranging from viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

The symptoms can be mild to very severe. Certain parasites can even damage the intestinal wall and cause bloody diarrhea

The three causes of diarrhea mentioned above can be hiding behind your long nails. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites can easily enter the body if you lengthen your nails without cleaning them properly, and don't wash your hands after using the bathroom or before eating.

2. Worms

Not only children, worms can also be experienced by adults. This disease can start from worms or worm eggs in the soil, be it tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms, or hookworms.

These tiny worms or worm eggs can easily get stuck in your long nails when you touch the ground, for example when gardening or doing any work that comes into contact with the soil.

Well, when you put your hands in your mouth without washing your hands properly, worm eggs or worms that are behind your nails will also enter the body, then grow and develop in the intestines.

3. COVID-19

Having long nails can also increase your risk of getting COVID-19. As we know, the Corona virus can survive on surfaces for quite a long time. This also applies to the surface of the nails, between nails, and hands.

Well, if the way to clean long nails when washing your hands is not optimal, your risk of getting infected with the Corona virus will increase when you touch the eye, nose, or mouth area.

4. Human papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV or human papillomavirus is a virus that can cause warts on the skin and genitals. This virus infects by entering through injured skin. A study shows that HPV can live in between long fingernails.

The presence of this virus in nails increases the risk of warts growing. Warts can grow not only on the hands, but also on other areas of the body, especially the mouth, genitals, and anal canal.

In addition to the four diseases above, having long nails can also injure other people, especially babies and small children. If you have or work with young babies, long nails can easily scratch their very thin skin.

Not only that, even long nails can unwittingly interfere with various activities you normally do, such as typing, cooking, or eating with your hands. Try, deh, compare the above activities with short nails. You will definitely feel a significant difference.

Actually, it's okay to have long nails, as long as you're sure you can clean your nails to the maximum every time you wash your hands. However, it would be much better and more practical if you cut your nails regularly, for example once a week.

In addition to cutting them, don't forget to file them, so that your nail pieces remain smooth and do not have the potential to hurt.

Keep in mind that keeping the nails clean is also important for the he alth of the nails themselves. If you have problems with your nails or you experience he alth problems because of your nails, don't delay to consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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