Is it safe to take children on a plane during a pandemic?

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Is it safe to take children on a plane during a pandemic?
Is it safe to take children on a plane during a pandemic?

The feeling of being bored at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has made some parents choose to go on vacation with their children. In fact, not a few take their children on planes to quickly arrive at tourist destinations. However, is it safe for children to get on a plane during a pandemic?

Since the government implemented new custom adaptation regulations, many tourist attractions have been opened. This is certainly the target of a number of people who really want to take a vacation.

Is it safe to take children on a plane during a pandemic? - Alodokter

Vacationing during a pandemic like this is actually okay. However, keep applying the correct he alth protocols, so that you and your family are not exposed to the virus that has claimed millions of lives around the world.

Children Are Safe To Take On Airplanes During a Pandemic

When you are out of town on vacation, sitting in the car for a long time can be very boring for children. Therefore, many families prefer to use the plane, because this method can save travel time and is also more comfortable.

Even so, there are concerns that flying on a plane will increase the risk of exposure to the Corona virus, especially for children, because the room on the plane looks very closed and lacks ventilation. However, in fact, every airline has a good ventilation system and is equipped with high-quality filters.

Even from observations during the pandemic, there is no strong evidence that taking a plane can increase the risk of transmitting the Corona virus. So, you don't have to worry too much. It's safe to take children on a plane during a pandemic as long as the he alth protocols are followed properly.

Tips for Safely Taking Children on a Plane During a Pandemic

There are several tips that you need to apply while on vacation and on a plane during a pandemic, including:

  • Make sure the tourist destination that you choose previously is a green zone or an area with a low risk of transmission.
  • Make sure your little one and other family members are he althy before leaving.
  • Choose an airline that strictly enforces he alth protocols.
  • If your little one is over 2 years old, make sure he/she wears a mask while on the plane.
  • Make a distance of at least 2 meters from other passengers, especially for children under the age of 2 who cannot use a mask.
  • Make sure your hands are always clean when you touch your little one.
  • Always provide a hand sanitizer that can be easily taken during the trip, so that Mother and Little One don't have to go back and forth to wash their hands with soap and running water.
  • Don't forget to always bring personal equipment and all your little one's needs, such as drinking bottles, blankets, wet wipes, and eating utensils.

After knowing the information above, now you don't need to hesitate anymore to take your little one on a plane during a pandemic. However, this does not mean that from now on, you and your family can go on vacations everywhere.

It's better for you to consider how important holidays are and how big the risk is of getting the Corona virus. Also think about whether this will increase the risk that other family members and friends that you will meet after returning from vacation, will catch the Corona virus through your family.

If you really want to take a vacation, you can choose a destination that is close and can be reached by private vehicle. Mother needs to consider this because the cleanliness and safety of the Little One can be guaranteed.

If your little one or other family members are not feeling well or experiencing symptoms of the Corona virus during the holidays, you should immediately go home or consult the nearest doctor to get the right treatment.

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