Understanding the Quarter Life Crisis and How to Deal with It

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Understanding the Quarter Life Crisis and How to Deal with It
Understanding the Quarter Life Crisis and How to Deal with It

Today, the term quarter life crisis is increasingly being used. However, maybe many of us don't really understand what a quarter life crisis really is, what are the signs, and how to deal with it. Check out the full explanation of the quarter life crisis in this article

Quarter life crisis or a quarter century crisis is a period when a person aged 18–30 years feels directionless, worried, confused, and confused about the uncertainty of his future life. Generally, these concerns include problems in relationships, love, career, and social life.

Understanding the Quarter Life Crisis and How to Deal with It - Alodokter

Not only that, people who experience a quarter life crisis often even question their existence as a human being. There are also people who feel that they have no purpose in life.

The Causes of the Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter life crisis usually starts when there is an "adult" problem that appears for the first time in a young adult's life. There are several conditions that often trigger a quarter life crisis, including:

  • Experiencing work or financial problems
  • Planning career and future
  • Living an independent life for the first time
  • Being in a serious romantic relationship for the first time
  • Experiencing a breakup after being in a serious relationship for a long time
  • Seeing peers have achieved their dreams first
  • Making personal or professional decisions that will last a long time

Signs of a Quarter Life Crisis

The following are some things that can be a sign that someone is experiencing a quarter life crisis:

  • Often feel confused about his future
  • Feeling trapped in an unwelcome situation
  • It is difficult to make a decision when faced with several choices
  • Lack of motivation in carrying out daily activities
  • It is difficult to determine whether to live life according to one's own desires or according to the demands of family and society
  • Worried about being left behind in the uncertainty of living alone
  • Feeling jealous of peers who have already achieved their dreams

How to Deal with Quarter Life Crisis

Actually, it's natural for you to experience a quarter life crisis. However, this should not be taken lightly, because if it is not handled wisely, a quarter life crisis can turn into depression. To deal with the quarter life crisis, there are several things you can do, including:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others will only waste your time and make you worry even more. Instead of thinking about other people's lives, start figuring out what you really want in life.

However, keep in mind that the answer may not be right away. Just focus on how you can make the most of one day. Rest assured that you will slowly find out your desires and goals, maybe even without you realizing it.

2. Turn doubt into action

When you are confused about something in life, make it an opportunity to find a new purpose. Fill your days with positive things to find answers to your doubts, until finally the answers come by themselves.

For example, you are confused because you feel you are not suitable for the job. Besides continuing to carry out your responsibilities at work, you can start to fill your spare time with relaxation, gain insight, look for online classes to improve your skills, or chat with friends to find solutions.

3. Find people who can support you

Being around people who can support your dreams and aspirations can also be a way to deal with a quarter life crisis.

Find people who share your interests, or who can inspire and make you a better person. That way, you will not feel alone in living your life.

4. Learn to love yourself

When you are stuck in a quarter life crisis, you may tend to ignore the various pleasures that you actually have. In fact, to achieve your goals in life, you need to respect and love yourself first.

So start paying attention to your needs, what you like, what makes you comfortable, and what you want to try to do. Then, realize them one by one your passion starting small first. Without you knowing it, these little things will make your life more enjoyable.

Quarter life crisis can strike anyone, because the real problem in life is something that is very natural. In facing this phase, you need to be physically and mentally strong so that this crisis does not continue further.

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the needs of your soul, don't forget to also take care of yourself, exercise, and eat nutritious food for a he althy body.If you are still having difficulties dealing with the quarter life crisis, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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