The Importance of Implementing PHBS (Clean and He althy Living Behavior) in Daily Life

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The Importance of Implementing PHBS (Clean and He althy Living Behavior) in Daily Life
The Importance of Implementing PHBS (Clean and He althy Living Behavior) in Daily Life

The application of PHBS or clean and he althy living behavior should become a daily habit. Although it seems simple, in reality, there are still many people who do not pay attention to the importance of PHBS for the he alth of themselves, their families, and the surrounding environment

PHBS is a movement to improve the quality of life and public he alth. Not only for yourself, this habit also needs to be applied in the household, school, workplace, and the general public.

The Importance of Implementing PHBS (Clean and He althy Living Behavior) in Daily Life - Alodokter

Know Some PHBS Indicators

In general, PHBS includes various steps to get used to living a he althy lifestyle. PHBS includes the following indicators:

  • Wash hands with soap and running water
  • Using the toilet to defecate and urinate and keep it clean
  • Using clean water for bathing or cleaning yourself
  • Consuming he althy and clean food, including vegetables and fruit
  • Maintain personal hygiene by bathing, cutting long nails, and brushing teeth 2 times a day
  • Eradicate mosquito larvae
  • Exercise regularly
  • Throwing trash in its place
  • Quit smoking habit
  • Avoiding and not consuming drugs, psychotropic substances, and other addictive substances (Drugs)

In the household setting, PHBS also includes exclusive breastfeeding, giving birth with the help of a midwife or doctor, undergoing immunizations according to schedule, and checking the growth and development of babies and children at clinics, he alth centers, or posyandu regularly until the child is 6 years old..

In addition, he alth protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as wearing masks, maintaining a physical distance of at least 1 meter, and conducting regular disinfection, are also included in the PHBS movement.

Benefits of Implementing PHBS (Clean and He althy Living Behavior)

PHBS is important to be carried out regularly because it can provide the following benefits:

1. Prevent infectious diseases

One of the main goals of implementing PHBS is to keep the body and the environment clean. By getting used to living clean and he althy, you will be protected from various viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that cause infectious diseases.

2. Support productivity

A he althy body and a clean environment can support the smooth teaching and learning process, work, and other activities. In addition, you will become more comfortable and enthusiastic in your activities.

3. Supports child development

PHBS implemented in households also plays a role in optimizing children's growth and development and preventing stunting.

With good hygiene, children will be protected from germs that cause disease. This can be an important factor to support the he alth and development of children from an early age.

4. Preserving the cleanliness and beauty of the environment

A clean, beautiful and green environment is definitely more comfortable to live in. Therefore, every member of the community needs to apply PHBS habits to keep their environment clean.

This can be done by not littering, not urinating and defecating in rivers, and doing reforestation by planting trees around the house.

In some areas in Indonesia, especially in remote areas, the implementation of PHBS tends to have many obstacles. These obstacles are generally related to the lack of clean water and inadequate sanitation facilities and he alth services.

However, these obstacles do not only exist in remote areas. Although he alth services and access to information in urban areas are easier to reach, there are still many urban communities who are not aware of the importance of PHBS.

The application of PHBS brings many benefits to your he alth, your family, and the surrounding environment. Therefore, apply a clean and he althy lifestyle starting from yourself. If you still have questions about the importance of PHBS, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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