Insights of the INTJ Personality The Strategist

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Insights of the INTJ Personality The Strategist
Insights of the INTJ Personality The Strategist

The INTJ personality is one of the 16 personality types classified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). People with the INTJ personality are considered the most independent of the MBTI personality types

INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. Approximately 1–4% of the world's population is estimated to have an INTJ personality. People with this personality type are known as analytical, logical, and creative individuals. Therefore, people with the INTJ personality are dubbed "The Strategist".

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Main Characteristics of the INTJ Personality

There are several INTJ personality characteristics that really stand out, including:

1. Loner

The Personal INTJ is an introvert. He prefers to spend time alone than with other people. However, that doesn't mean that INTJs don't like socializing at all. It's just that he prefers to interact with his family or closest friends.

2. Expert in planning

People with the INTJ personality are usually very happy to think about the future and explore various possibilities. As a result, INTJs are usually very good at long-term planning and system building.

3. Logical

INTJs usually have a cause-and-effect mindset. When faced with a situation that requires him to make a decision, he will think logically and objectively.

4. Rational

People with INTJ personalities are also very rational and able to put emotions aside. For INTJs, almost any situation in their life can be used as an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and hone their thinking skills.

Thanks to his rational mindset, the INTJ person is able to create various innovative solutions for every problem he faces.

5. Ambitious

INTJs are generally ambitious and very goal-oriented. People with INTJ personalities usually have clear goals and visions for their future. Not only that, he also has a clear plan to achieve that goal.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the INTJ Personality Type

Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses. The following are some of the advantages that are generally possessed by people with an INTJ personality:

  • Objective
  • Logical
  • Rational
  • Confident
  • Hard work
  • Good listener
  • Future-oriented
  • Can take criticism well

Meanwhile, the shortcomings that people with an INTJ personality have are:

  • Stiff
  • Less sensitive
  • So perfectionist
  • Doesn't like to talk about feelings

Careers Suitable for INTJ Personality Types

People with the INTJ personality are very analytical and logical people. He is very good at gathering and analyzing information to reach new insights or make decisions.

Therefore, he is well suited for a career in fields that require the ability to interpret complex information, such as scientific or technical fields.

INTJs like to work in a flexible environment so they can develop their ideas to the fullest. When an INTJ person is interested in a field or career, he or she will work hard to become an expert in that field.

Some of the jobs suitable for people with an INTJ personality include scientists, mathematicians, architects, engineers, doctors, dentists, teachers, judges, programmers, and lawyers.

All personality types, including the INTJ personality type, have their own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. The MBTI test can help identify these characteristics and strengths in yourself.

However, if you want to know more about the INTJ personality or have trouble seeing your potential, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist.

Through interviews and several tests from psychologists, you can know your potential better and then develop optimally.

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