Knowing inclusive schools and their advantages

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Knowing inclusive schools and their advantages
Knowing inclusive schools and their advantages

Inclusive schools are schools that also provide education for children with special needs (ABK). In this school, both children with special needs and not, will study in the same class and receive the same education

So far, some parents who have children with special needs often send their children to special schools or special schools (SLB). This is because the learning methods in SLB are designed and adapted for children with special needs.

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However, SLB is not the only option for children with special needs to obtain appropriate education and lessons. Children with special needs can also receive education in inclusive schools.

What is an Inclusive School?

Inclusive schools are places where children with special needs can study together with other regular children. However, children with special needs are still accompanied by accompanying teachers during teaching and learning activities.

Learning systems, teaching, curriculum, facilities and infrastructure, as well as assessment systems in inclusive schools will accommodate the needs of children with special needs, so that they can adapt and receive the best possible education.

Benefits of Inclusive Schools

By attending inclusive schools, children with special needs will get the following benefits:

  • The same rights and obligations as other regular students in the class
  • Various facilities for learning and self-development, regardless of limitations
  • Encouragement to be more confident
  • Opportunity to learn and make friends with peers

In inclusive schools, children with special needs will be educated with other children who do not have the same limitations. In these classes, students can be trained and educated to be able to appreciate, respect, and accept each other with empathy.

Some Challenges Facing Inclusive Schools

Inclusive education can be an alternative for parents to send their children with special needs to school. However, not all regular schools can accept ABK students because inclusive education is only provided by schools that are directly appointed by the government.

Until now, inclusive schools are still limited in number and not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. This may be a challenge for parents and children with special needs to access adequate education.

In addition, there are still many inclusive schools that are not ready to provide inclusive education due to various obstacles and challenges, such as:

  • The minimum number of teaching staff or special assistant teacher staff
  • Not all teachers and staff at the school understand how to teach and guide children with special needs
  • Possible refusal from parents or regular students to study together with children with special needs
  • Inadequate facilities, for example, limited books or other learning needs that use Braille for blind students
  • The risk of bullying or bullying from regular students towards students with special needs

Inclusive schools may be a good choice for children with special needs so they can get the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop well, regardless of their limitations.

If you have a child with special needs and plan to send them to an inclusive school, you can first consult with a psychologist about the benefits of inclusive schools for your child's growth and development.

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