Signs of Apathy and How to Overcome It

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Signs of Apathy and How to Overcome It
Signs of Apathy and How to Overcome It

Apathy is indifference to everything that is happening around. The signs of apathy are very diverse, ranging from lack of enthusiasm to do something to not caring about the problem at hand. This attitude needs to be addressed before it affects the quality of life of the person experiencing it

Almost everyone has entered a phase when he feels apathetic. Apathy can be said to be normal when it occurs at a certain time or moment. However, if this attitude persists or lasts a long time, an immediate examination by a psychologist or psychiatrist is required.

Signs of Apathy and How to Overcome Them - Alodokter

This is because apathy can be a symptom of a mental disorder such as depression, or a physical illness that affects the brain, such as stroke, dementia, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

Signs of Apathy

As explained earlier, there are various signs of apathy, including:

  • Less enthusiasm to do something
  • Not motivated to achieve goals
  • Not feeling any emotions when good or bad things happen
  • Not indifferent to the feelings of those around him
  • No longer interested in things you used to like
  • Less interest in social events or activities
  • Has no desire to learn new things
  • Not interested in exploring and meeting new people
  • Don't care about the problems that are happening to yourself

How to Overcome Apathy

At first, the owner of an apathetic attitude may not find himself in trouble. However, those around him will be affected by this attitude, especially if the apathy that the person has tends to be severe and caused by illness.

To determine whether apathy is caused by a medical condition or not, the doctor will conduct an examination by asking the patient and family for symptoms, tracing the medical history, as well as performing a physical examination and necessary supporting examinations to determine the appropriate treatment.

Some of the recommended treatment methods for treating apathy include:

1. Drugs

If the results of the examination show that apathy is caused by a certain disease, the doctor will prescribe medication according to the illness.For example, in people with Parkinson's disease, doctors will prescribe dopamine stimulant drugs. Meanwhile, in people with depression, the doctor will prescribe antidepressant drugs.

2. Psychotherapy

If apathy is triggered by depression or an anxiety disorder, the doctor will also recommend psychotherapy. One type of psychotherapy that is often used is cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is carried out with the aim of changing negative thought patterns and behaviors into positive ones.

3. Lifestyle changes

Although it is not easy, people with apathy must try to change their lifestyle or pattern. He is also advised to re-socialize with the people closest to him, even though the desire to socialize does not exist.

Besides, doing things that you used to like can also get rid of apathy. This is because by undergoing various kinds of fun activities, you can revive the lost spirit.

Although it seems trivial, the signs of apathy should not be ignored, especially if they persist and interfere with activities and their environment. Therefore, if you, your family or someone you know shows signs of apathy, it is advisable to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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