When can children be introduced to spicy food?

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When can children be introduced to spicy food?
When can children be introduced to spicy food?

Just like adults, children also have a desire to explore their appetites. So, it's natural for your little one to want to try spicy food. However, since when can children be given spicy food?

Spicy food can cause a burning sensation or even a burning sensation on the tongue and mouth. Although there are those who hate this sensation, in some people, this sensation can actually increase appetite.

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In addition, the active compounds in spicy food are also known to provide benefits to the body, including accelerating metabolic processes, acting as anti-inflammatory, helping the body ward off disease-causing bacteria, and being able to fight cancer cells in the body.

The Best Time to Introduce Spicy Food to Kids

Actually, since the baby is in the womb until breastfeeding, he can already recognize various kinds of flavors from the food or drink that you consume, not to mention the spicy taste.

So, if during pregnancy and breastfeeding you often eat spicy food, there is a possibility that your little one will be able to accept spicy taste better.

Even so, giving spicy food directly to children must be done carefully because it can irritate and cause digestive disorders, such as stomach pain.

Spicy food can be introduced to your little one when he is 8-9 months old, since he can start eating finger food. However, you need to know that the spicy taste is not only from chili, yes. Spices, such as ginger and pepper, paprika, or wasabi, can also provide a milder spiciness.

Here are some ways you can introduce spicy food to your little one:

  • Start introducing foods with less spicy spices, such as ginger, garlic, or galangal.
  • Introduce spicy food in small amounts first.
  • Observe your little one's reaction after eating spicy food.
  • Stop feeding or replace it with other foods that your little one likes if the reaction is not good, for example crying or spiciness.

Mom can introduce spicy food again in the same way when your little one is 1 year old. At this age, children are usually able to accept food better. In addition, the risk of indigestion due to spicy food will also be smaller.

There is no prohibition against giving spicy food to children. Once in a while, you can invite your little one to enjoy spicy food. However, make sure the spicy food provided is of a low spiciness level.

In addition, it is important to monitor the reaction of your little one when given spicy food, because some children may experience allergic reactions to spicy food. The reaction that occurs is somewhat similar to the spicy reaction, but there is something that can be distinguished from the two.

If after consuming spicy food symptoms such as swelling of the lips, watery eyes, tongue feels very burning, itching, bloating, diarrhea, even shortness of breath, immediately stop giving spicy food and consult a doctor for proper treatment. right.

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