5 Benefits of Suji Leaves for Body He alth

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5 Benefits of Suji Leaves for Body He alth
5 Benefits of Suji Leaves for Body He alth

Not only as a food coloring, the benefits of suji leaves are also known to be able to overcome various he alth problems, so they are often used in traditional medicine. This is thought to be due to the content of flavonoid and polyphenolic bioactive compounds in suji leaves

Suji leaf (Dracaena angustifolia) is a plant known as a good source of chlorophyll. This plant can be recognized by its dark green leaves and elongated pointed shape, and its yellowish-white flowers.

5 Benefits of Suji Leaves for Body He alth - Alodokter

In addition to giving a strong and distinctive aroma to food, the benefits of suji leaves for maintaining a he althy body cannot be underestimated.

Content of Suji Leaves

Suji leaves are rich in chlorophyll which has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants themselves are known to prevent damage to body cells that cause premature aging.

Chlorophyll is also widely used to treat or prevent several diseases, such as arthritis, constipation, chronic fatigue, or obesity.

In addition, suji leaves also contain bioactive compounds, such as alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, terpenoids, saponins, polyphenols, and glycosides. These bioactive compounds act as anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

Benefits of Suji Leaves

Thanks to the content of various bioactive compounds in it, here are some of the he alth benefits of suji leaves that you can get:

1. Relieves menstrual pain

Menstrual pain occurs due to the increase in the hormone prostaglandin during menstruation. This hormone can trigger uterine muscle contractions that cause inflammation and menstrual pain.

The content of saponin compounds in suji leaves is known to relieve inflammation so it is believed to be able to reduce pain during menstruation.

To get the benefits of this suji leaf, you simply boil 20 grams of fresh suji leaf with 2 cups of water until the water is reduced by half. After that, strain the boiled water and let it cool. You can drink this suji leaf water as much as 1 glass a day to relieve menstrual pain.

2. Overcoming breathing problems

In addition to treating menstrual pain, suji leaf extract has also been used as a herbal medicine in several areas in Indonesia to treat respiratory disorders, such as shortness of breath in asthmatics and coughs.

The benefits of this suji leaf are also supported by research results. Research proves the benefits of suji leaf extract in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, including the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae that causes pneumonia and the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes tuberculosis.

3. Relieves symptoms of anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic shock is a symptom of a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction caused by the body's immune system over-responding to a compound, such as a food or drug. Symptoms can include difficulty breathing, swollen face, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

Suji leaves are rich in flavonoids which are believed to relieve the symptoms of anaphylactic shock. However, the results of this study have only been carried out on experimental animals, so further clinical trials in humans are still needed to confirm its effectiveness.

4. Lowering cholesterol levels

Another benefit of suji leaves that you can get is that it can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. A study found that suji leaf extract is beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol levels by up to 50%.

Thanks to these benefits, you are protected from various cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

5. Boost the immune system

The high content of flavonoid compounds in suji leaves has an important role in supporting the work of immune cells to fight infection and produce strong antibodies.

Good immunity can also protect the body from chronic diseases, such as cancer. In addition, suji leaves also contain many triterpenic compounds that have been shown to kill cancer cells.

In addition to the benefits of suji leaf that have been mentioned, many people use this leaf to treat dysentery, beriberi, and gonorrhea. However, the effectiveness and safety level of suji leaf as a herbal treatment still needs to be investigated further.

Therefore, before consuming suji leaves as an additional therapy to treat the medical condition you are experiencing, it is advisable to consult with your doctor first.

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