Heimlich Maneuver, First Aid for People Who Choking

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Heimlich Maneuver, First Aid for People Who Choking
Heimlich Maneuver, First Aid for People Who Choking

Heimlich maneuver or Heimlich maneuver can be performed as an emergency response to help people who are choking. This procedure was first introduced by dr. Henry Heimlich in 1974

Eating while talking or being too hasty can cause a person to choke. This condition can make people who experience it difficult to breathe, so the body will lack oxygen. If not treated immediately, this condition can lead to death.

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By performing the Heimlich maneuver, the air reserves in the lungs can be pushed up quickly so that the foreign object that triggers a person's choking can be expelled and reopen the airway. Thus, the person's life can be saved.

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver

Heimlich maneuver should be performed on a choking person who exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Aware and responsive
  • Difficulty breathing or speaking
  • Can't cough to get things stuck in the throat
  • The position of the hand is holding the neck or chest

The following is how to perform the Heimlich maneuver based on the age and condition of the person who is choking:

1. Heimlich maneuver for adults and children

To help adults or children over 1 year old who are choking, you can perform the Heimlich maneuver in the following ways:

  • Help the choking person to stand up.
  • Position your body behind the person. If a child is choking, kneel behind them.
  • Put one foot in front of the other to maintain balance.
  • Bending the body of the person who is choking forward.
  • Hit him on the back with the palm of your hand 5 times.
  • Wrap your arms around the choking person's waist.
  • Clench one hand with your thumb inward, place the other hand on it, then place it slightly above the navel of the person who is choking.
  • Push your fist to his stomach and jerk it up. Repeat this movement 10 times or until the object that is blocking the throat comes out and he can breathe or cough.

If the choking person becomes unconscious or becomes unconscious after the Heimlich maneuver, lay him on his back and seek medical attention immediately or call an ambulance from the nearest hospital.

While waiting for medical personnel to arrive, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to open his airway.

2. Heimlich maneuver for pregnant women or obese people

The Heimlich maneuver procedure for pregnant women or obese people is almost the same as for ordinary people. The difference is only in the position of wrapping and placing your head.

In pregnant or obese people, you should curl your fists and place them slightly higher, i.e. around the breastbone or breastbone area.

3. Heimlich maneuver for babies

In infants and children, please go to the first aid page for choking children.

4. Heimlich maneuver for self

Not only done for other people, the Heimlich maneuver can also be done when you are choking yourself. If you are choking, perform the Heimlich maneuver independently using the following steps:

  • Clench your fists and place them slightly above the navel.
  • Push your fist into your stomach and move it up 5 times or until the stuck object comes out of your throat.
  • You can also use the back of the chair to press your stomach.

If the Heimlich maneuver is successful for choking, you or the person who is choking still need to call an ambulance and get medical help from a doctor. This is important to ensure that no foreign body remains in the airway.

If you still have questions about how to perform the Heimlich maneuver or are still confused about how to do it, you can consult a doctor.

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