Tips for Safe Breastfeeding for Mothers Positive for COVID-19

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Tips for Safe Breastfeeding for Mothers Positive for COVID-19
Tips for Safe Breastfeeding for Mothers Positive for COVID-19

Breastfeeding mothers who are positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to continue breastfeeding their babies. However, there must be a sense of anxiety that the breastfeeding process can transmit the virus to the baby. So, to prevent this from happening, Busui needs to know tips on safe breastfeeding for mothers who are positive for COVID-19

ASI is the main nutrient to support growth and development and increase the child's immune system to protect it from various diseases, including COVID-19. That is why breastfeeding your little one should not be missed even though Busui is positive for COVID-19.

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Until now, there is no evidence that the Corona virus can be transmitted from mother to baby through breast milk. So, mothers who show symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive can still breastfeed their babies.

Breastfeeding Tips for Mothers Infected with COVID-19

Coronavirus does not live in breast milk. However, Busui still has to protect the Little One from the risk of transmission through saliva splashes and contamination from hands which are the main modes of transmission of COVID-19.

So, the key to safe breastfeeding is actually not far from the he alth protocols that we know so far. So that your little one avoids COVID-19 infection, Busui needs to apply the following tips:

1. Wash your hands first

Before breastfeeding your little one or touching breastfeeding equipment, Busui must wash his hands with running water and soap first. This is done to kill the Corona virus that may be stuck on the hands.

Make sure all parts of Busui's hands are washed thoroughly, including wrists, backs of hands, between fingers and nails. In addition, Busui also needs to clean her nipples and change into clean clothes when breastfeeding her little one.

2. Always wear a mask when breastfeeding

When breastfeeding your little one, Busui must always wear a mask, even though Busui is not experiencing any symptoms. This is to prevent splashing of saliva on the Little One when Busui talks, coughs, or sneezes. There are many types of masks that Busui can wear, ranging from surgical masks, cloth masks, to N95 masks.

3. Clean the surfaces of objects and feeding equipment

In addition to personal hygiene, the cleanliness of the house should not be ignored, yes. Always clean the house with a disinfectant, especially all surfaces of objects that Busui frequently touches or surfaces that may get splashed by Busui's saliva.This applies to before, during and after breastfeeding.

When breastfeeding, either directly from the breast or with expressed breast milk, Busui must ensure that all surfaces around the feeding area, especially those that Busui and the Little One may touch, have been disinfected.

If you give expressed breast milk through a pacifier, Busui must clean the surface of the pacifier and wash your hands. After that, the pacifier can be given to the little one. Also, make sure the breast pump and other breastfeeding equipment are clean, too.

4. Pump breast milk or give formula if you feel unwell

If the symptoms that appear due to COVID-19 make Busui too weak or uncomfortable to breastfeed your little one directly from the breast, Busui can pump breast milk or give him formula.

Remember, don't force breastfeeding directly if you can't, because this is for the benefit of the little one too. Ask dad or other family members to help give your baby a bottle of breast milk or formula.

Breast milk is an important intake that babies need in the first 6 months of life. Therefore, Busui still needs to breastfeed even though he is positive for COVID-19. Make sure Busui applies the tips described above so that your little one avoids viral infections.

In addition, Busui also needs to maintain a he althy body by always eating he althy food, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and taking medication regularly so that he can recover from COVID-19.

Some of the drugs that Busui is taking may inhibit breast milk production. If Busui has difficulty breastfeeding, consult a doctor to get advice and treatment according to Busui's condition.

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