This is the reason why children are fussy when their mothers are stressed

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This is the reason why children are fussy when their mothers are stressed
This is the reason why children are fussy when their mothers are stressed

Not many know that a fussy child can be caused by a stressed mother's condition. How come? Does it have anything to do with it? Instead of guessing the reason, let's see the explanation here

Try it, think about it. When stressed, you may have felt that your little one's mood was also "infected" by your mood. He suddenly became cranky and more unruly. If that's the case, it's Mother too, right, who's bothered?

These are the reasons why children are fussy when their mothers are stressed - Alodokter

The Causes of Fussy Children When Mother is Stressed

Many things can make a mother stressed, starting from homework that doesn't go away, office work, or children who have difficulty eating or don't want to breastfeed. Even though caring for children is tiring, try to keep stress under control, OK, Bun.

Stress can affect all aspects of your life. When stressed, you can become irritable and irritated, often have headaches, experience mood swings, forget easily, have difficulty concentrating, have trouble sleeping, or feel unhappy and lazy to do anything.

Knowingly or not, these symptoms can be felt by the baby, you know. For example, if you usually don't have trouble dressing your child's clothes, when you're stressed you're prone to being dazed.

There are problems, such as forgetting to apply eucalyptus oil, forgetting to put on a diaper, which makes you have to go back and forth to open and re-attach your little one's clothes. If this happens repeatedly, it's natural for the child to become uncomfortable and end up cranky.

A child can be a reflection of his mother's feelings. In fact, from birth babies can pick up on emotional cues from those around them and imitate them in their attitude towards things. Well, because you are the closest person to your little one, don't be surprised if when you are stressed, your baby becomes more fussy and sensitive.

When you are stressed, your cortisol hormone levels will also increase. If you are currently breastfeeding your child directly, this hormone will flow into breast milk and be drunk by the child. It is suspected that this can make children become stressed and cranky.

Even so, the relationship between the hormone cortisol in breast milk and stress in children still requires further research. So, you don't need to stop breastfeeding your little one when you're stressed.

Tips for Managing Stress Well

So that children don't get stressed and make Mother even more dizzy. It's a good idea to know the following tips for managing stress:

Find out the cause of stress

Find out what causes you to experience stress. If stress has to do with the Father or someone else, don't hesitate to talk about it and find the right solution for your problem.

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, staying at home can also stress you out. To overcome this, you and your family can do family time by taking a walk in a quiet park. However, make sure to keep applying the Corona virus infection prevention protocol, okay.

Ask others for help

If stress is caused by fatigue, don't hesitate to ask your husband or family for help. With a lighter workload, mothers can be more relaxed and take care of their children with a good feeling.

Do “me time”

Being a mother is not an easy job. Sometimes taking care of your little one can also make you bored.Therefore, take time for me time and take care of yourself so that your mood will be better, for example by reading a book or just going shopping alone without taking your little one.

As we all know, the stress we feel can affect a child's mood. Even so, stress is something that is inevitable in life and is difficult to avoid.

Well, how we respond to stress can have different results in children. Avoid responding to stress with violence, such as yelling, yelling, or slamming things. Directly or indirectly, this will disturb the peace of the Little One and can have a bad impact on his mental he alth.

Mother should try to be able to control stress as best as possible, so that your little one doesn't get cranky when your mind and mood are disturbed. If your efforts don't work, immediately consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for the right advice.

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