6 Benefits of Thai Massage that are a pity to miss

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6 Benefits of Thai Massage that are a pity to miss
6 Benefits of Thai Massage that are a pity to miss

In addition to overcoming fatigue or soreness after activities, it turns out that there are still many benefits of Thai massage for body he alth. Come on, find out more about the benefits of Thai massage in this article

Thai massage or Thai yoga is a form of traditional Thai massage therapy that has been known for its benefits for thousands of years. Different from massage in general, Thai massage is done by lying on the mat, fully clothed, and requires you to be active.

6 Benefits of Thai Massage that You Shouldn't Miss - Alodokter

In Thai massage, the therapist uses his hands, knees, or even his feet to help move you through a series of positions. Typically, Thai massage uses stretching, pulling, and yoga-like movements.

Benefits of Thai Massage for He alth

The techniques used in Thai massage are believed to provide many benefits in overcoming various he alth problems. The following are the benefits of Thai massage that you can get:

1. Relieves headaches

If you have tension headaches or migraines, you can use Thai massage to relieve them. Several studies have shown that alternative methods of treatment with Thai massage can relieve both types of headaches.

The benefits are thought to be related to the relaxing effect obtained from Thai massage.

2. Reduce back pain

Back pain is a relatively common disease. If not treated immediately this disease can reduce muscle performance, even muscles other than the back muscles, so that daily activities will be hampered.

Doing Thai massage for about 15 minutes is proven to help improve blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles while increasing muscle flexibility and reducing pain. That way, Thai massage can be your alternative treatment to relieve back pain.

3. Relieves joint and muscle pain

Thai massage is considered effective in helping the recovery of muscles that are injured, sore, or stiff when moving. A number of studies have also proven this benefit in patients with knee arthritis and knee osteoarthritis. In fact, Thai massage is also an alternative recovery method for athletes.

4. Increase flexibility

If you are an athlete or you feel that your range of motion and flexibility is limited, you can try Thai massage to improve it. Based on research, athletes who do Thai massage 3 times in 10 days show a significant increase in performance.

This benefit is thought to be because Thai massage has the ability to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, so that pain and muscle stiffness will be reduced. Not only that, research has also found that Thai massage can increase the speed and agility of athletes.

5. Relieves anxiety

Although Thai massage involves movement and seems less soothing than other types of massage, this massage therapy has been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress, and bring peace of mind and body together.

6. Restore energy

The Thai massage movement which is similar to yoga makes many people who undergo this massage not only feel relaxed, but also feel like being reborn.Many of them also say that Thai massage can refresh their minds and restore energy to their bodies.

The benefits of Thai massage are very beneficial, especially for people with high stress levels and rarely exercise. However, this type of massage therapy is not safe for everyone.

If you are pregnant, have bleeding disorders, thrombosis, burns, and thrombocytopenia, you should avoid doing Thai massage.

To make sure Thai massage is safe for you, you can check with your doctor first, especially if you have certain he alth conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, or cancer.

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