A series of he alth hazards that lurk women smokers

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A series of he alth hazards that lurk women smokers
A series of he alth hazards that lurk women smokers

Currently, cigarettes are not only favored by men, but also by women. Besides being useless, this bad habit can also harm the he alth of the audience. So, what are the he alth hazards that can lurk women who smoke?

In one cigarette, there are thousands of chemicals that can harm the he alth of its users. Both men and women are both at high risk of developing he alth complications when smoking.

A series of he alth hazards that lurk women smokers - Alodokter

He alth Hazards that await Women Smokers

So that you think twice before trying to smoke cigarettes, let's read the information below about the dangers of smoking that can threaten the he alth of women, including:

1. Cervical cancer and breast cancer

A study revealed that the chemical content in cigarettes can increase the risk of women experiencing cervical cancer and breast cancer compared to women who do not smoke.

The chemicals in cigarettes can weaken cervical cell defenses and increase the risk of infection and inflammation. This will indirectly make the growth of abnormal cells or cancer cells in the cervix easier.

Not only that, women who smoke are also at an even higher risk of developing other types of cancer, such as colon cancer, when compared to men who smoke.

2. Disruption of the menstrual cycle and fertility

The next he alth lurking lurking female smokers is the disruption of the menstrual cycle. Women who smoke are at very high risk for menstrual disorders, such as vaginal discharge, vaginal infections, abnormal bleeding, or severe cramps that last more than 2 days.

In addition, women who smoke can also experience menstrual cycle disorders and decreased fertility levels. The function of the ovaries (ovarian) of smoking women to release eggs is lower when compared to women who do not smoke. This is why they also often experience amenorrhea (no menstruation).

In addition, the chemicals contained in cigarettes are also known to be able to change the composition of cervical fluid to be unfriendly to sperm. As a result, sperm cannot last long in the vagina and the fertilization process is hampered.

If the egg is successfully fertilized, the attachment of the fetus to the uterus or implantation may be disrupted. These factors then affect fertility and make it difficult for women who smoke to get pregnant.

3. Pregnancy complications

The dangers of smoking also lurk women who are two, you know. If you smoke, your risk of having an ectopic pregnancy is higher.

In addition, there are still harmful effects of cigarette chemicals that can threaten you and your fetus, such as placenta previa, premature rupture of membranes, premature labor, low birth weight babies, miscarriages, until the baby dies in the womb.

4. Early menopause

The nicotine content in cigarettes can interfere with the blood supply to the ovaries. This will cause the ovaries to lose their function faster than they should.

One of the effects that occurs due to decreased ovarian function is a decrease in the production of the hormone estrogen. That's why women who smoke are at high risk for premature menopause.

5. Bone he alth disorders

Low estrogen hormone that causes amenorrhea or early menopause can also cause women to lose more minerals in their bones. Therefore, women who smoke will be 5-10 times more prone to osteoporosis.

Until now, there has been no positive impact from smoking. Both men and women, passive and active smokers, both are at great risk of experiencing he alth problems when inhaling cigarette smoke. If you are a woman who smokes, from now on stop the habit.

Quitting smoking is not easy and instant because it takes a strong commitment and determination. If you really find it difficult to stop smoking, you can consult a doctor to get a better handler.

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