5 Causes of Sagging Breasts

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5 Causes of Sagging Breasts
5 Causes of Sagging Breasts

Having sagging breasts is a nightmare for many women, both unmarried and already. There are several reasons why breasts become saggy. Come on, see here

Breasts are made of fat tissue. Between this fatty tissue, there are glands that are responsible for producing breast milk when you have a baby.

5 Causes of Sagging Breasts - Alodokter

In addition, the breasts also have a set of ligaments, which are a kind of rope that gives shape to the breasts and supports the breasts on the chest muscles.

Series of Causes of Sagging Breasts

Every woman wants to have firm and ideal breasts. It's not always just to attract the attention of a partner, yes. Beautiful and he althy breasts can also make women feel more beautiful and confident.

So, what actually causes sagging breasts? The following is a list of things that can cause your breasts to not tighten anymore:

1. Change in breast size

Although it is supported by ligaments, the skin around the breasts is very susceptible to stretching so that it looks loose. This can happen when the size of your breasts changes due to changes in the amount of fat in them.

Changes in the amount of fat in the breasts can be caused by many things, including diet and pregnancy. However, usually the cause of sagging breasts is a drastic weight gain or loss.

2. Aging

In addition to breast size, the ligaments that support the breasts can loosen as you age. As you age, your reproductive hormone levels will change, especially the hormone estrogen.

This reduced amount of estrogen can cause the skin and tissue around the breasts to not be properly hydrated so that they become less elastic and eventually lose their natural firmness.

3. heredity

Genetic factors play a big role in determining the shape, size, and strength of the ligaments in the breast. So, sagging breasts can also be influenced by heredity.

If your mother or other family members have sagging breasts, you are more likely to have sagging breasts as well.

4. Gravity

Gravity pulls the breasts downwards. The stronger the force of gravity, the more stretched the ligaments that support the breasts. This is influenced by breast size and body posture.

Big breasts are easier to pull down, so it's easier to loosen up too. In addition, a bent posture can also strengthen the force of gravity to pull the breasts down.

5. Smoking habit

As is well known, smoking is not very good for he alth, including for breast he alth.

In fact, smoking can cause breast skin to lose its elasticity. So, don't be surprised if a woman who smokes is more at risk of having sagging breasts, even though she is still young.

In addition to the five causes above, sagging breasts can also be caused by an exercise routine that gives too much movement to the breasts, so that the ligaments around the breasts continue to stretch and cause the breasts to not be as tight as before.

So that your breasts are always firm and dense, it is important that you always maintain a good weight, don't smoke, use the right bra according to your breast size, eat he althy foods, maintain a straight posture, and get enough fluids every day..

In addition to the above methods of breast tightening, you can also perform breast lift surgery or mastopexy.However, before deciding to do this, first consult with your doctor to prevent complications and undesirable results.

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