Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, Here's How

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, Here's How
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, Here's How

The attitude of comparing yourself to others is not something that is good to maintain. If you get used to it, this attitude can have a bad impact on your social life and mental he alth. Come on, apply the following simple method to quit this habit

Almost everyone must have compared themselves to others. This attitude can sometimes inspire enthusiasm to learn many things. In addition, this attitude can also be aware of all the shortcomings they have so that they trigger themselves to improve them and become better.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, Here's How - Alodokter

However, comparing ourselves to others is no longer a good thing when other people are the benchmark for our quality of life. This habit can trigger feelings of envy that can lower self-confidence, inhibit self-potential, make you depressed, trigger a quarter life crisis ,and cause feelings of worthlessness or self-blame.

Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

So that you avoid the bad effects of often comparing yourself to others, from now on you have to practice to stop doing it. There are simple ways that you can apply, including:

1. Identify and avoid triggers

The main way to stop comparing yourself to others is to identify and avoid the triggers. You have to know what situations make you behave like that. After that, try to slowly limit or stay away from these things.

For example, usually you will compare yourself when you see uploaded photos or videos of friends on social media. From now on, reduce the use of social media so that you don't focus too much on other people's lives and don't compare yourself.

Another example, if your friend who always talks about his success triggers you to compare yourself to him, try to distract yourself as soon as possible or talk about other things that keep you from negative thoughts. In fact, you can, you know, avoid that friend for a while.

2. Get used to positive self-talk

When there are things that trigger you to compare yourself, try to ignore these negative thoughts and start a habit of positive self-talk. Talk to yourself often positive about yourself.

For example, when you feel jealous of someone else, say to yourself, “You are a strong person and you don't need what he has to be happy.”

Slowly, positive self-talk can help you grow a sense of optimism and confidence. In addition, this habit can prevent you from experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress.

3. Write down all achievements

Write down all the achievements you have earned. Starting from big achievements, such as the award for the best employee in the office, to small achievements, such as successfully frying fish yourself or getting up early today.

If you can, do this every morning. Recording all the achievements you have achieved will make you more confident in everything. You will also appreciate yourself more so that you no longer think about comparing yourself to others.

4. Be grateful for everything you have

Believe that with all the shortcomings that you can think of, there must be many advantages that you can be proud of. Be grateful for the things in your life, from the small to the big, so that you will have enough of them.

When you feel that you and your life are enough, you will no longer waste time comparing yourself to others. This attitude in fact can also make you an optimistic person and have prosperity in life.

5. Do what you love

Instead of being busy comparing yourself to others, you better spend more time doing the things you love. You can exercise, read your favorite book, try new recipes, relax at a coffee shop, or schedule a trip out of town.

Doing what you love is also proof that you love yourself. If you already love yourself, you will no longer think about comparing yourself to others and your life will be much happier.

Let's apply the methods above so that you stop the bad habit of comparing yourself to others. Don't waste your time being jealous of others and thinking badly of yourself. Remember that you are special with all the abilities you have.

If you still often compare yourself to other people, even to the point of hindering your daily activities, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist. With the help of professionals, you can get the right advice and guidance to quit this bad habit.

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