5 Unknown He alth Benefits of Tulips

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5 Unknown He alth Benefits of Tulips
5 Unknown He alth Benefits of Tulips

Not only used as an ornamental plant, the benefits of tulips for he alth are also very many. What are the ingredients in tulips and their he alth benefits? Let's see here

There are various types of tulips, but the most commonly found and used are garden tulips (Tulipa sp), which are yellow, pink, and purple tulips. This flower is included in the edible flower (can be eaten) and is usually consumed in the form of tea or as a food garnish.

5 Benefits of Tulips for He alth that are Rarely Known - Alodokter

In addition, thanks to its striking aroma and color, tulips are also being investigated for their benefits as natural food coloring or other products, such as aromatherapy, perfume, and cosmetic base ingredients.

Various Benefits of Tulips for He alth

Tulip flowers contain essential oils and various bioactive compounds that are strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Thanks to this content, there are quite a lot of benefits of tulips that we can get, including:

1. Relieve stress

Limonene and linalool are the main essential oils of the tulip flower. This compound can scent and freshen the air in the room.

Not only that, the aroma of tulip essential oil is also known to affect the nervous system and relax the inhaler. This is associated with reduced levels of anxiety, stress, and even depression.

2. Improve sleep quality

In addition to relieving anxiety, the content of linalool compounds in tulips is also known to produce a sedative or sedative effect. This natural compound works by decreasing nerve activity in the brain and muscles, causing a drowsy effect.

No wonder that tulip essential oil is often used as a therapy to reduce the risk of sleep disorders, make sleep more sound and longer, and even overcome insomnia. This will certainly support the improvement of overall body he alth.

3. Fight free radicals

The next benefit of tulips is to ward off free radicals. This benefit is due to the high levels of antioxidants in tulips. Even in red tulips, its antioxidant activity is known to be higher than other flowers which are also often used as food ingredients.

Antioxidants are needed by the body to counteract the effects of excess free radicals that have the potential to damage body cells and cause various he alth problems, ranging from premature skin aging, diabetes, to heart disease.

4. Fights bacterial infection

Research shows that the active compounds in red tulip extract can fight various disease-causing bacteria, from diarrhea, typhoid fever, to skin infections.

5. Fight the growth of breast cancer cells

A study proves that extracts of yellow tulips and dark red tulips have the potential to be breast cancer drugs.

Although not yet applicable to humans, this study found that a collection of tulip bioactive compounds with cytotoxic properties can kill and significantly inhibit the spread of breast cancer cells.

The he alth benefits of tulips sound very interesting. To get these benefits, you can use tulip essential oil by inhaling it, either directly from the bottle or mixing it into a diffuser. These oils are generally safe to use.

Even so, more research is needed before you can consume tulips as a treatment for an ailment. So, don't rush into using herbal remedies that claim the benefits of tulips.

We recommend that you consult your doctor first if you want to use tulips to treat your he alth problems.

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