The Causes of Often Contemplating and How to Overcome It

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The Causes of Often Contemplating and How to Overcome It
The Causes of Often Contemplating and How to Overcome It

Sometimes, reflecting is good for us. However, there are also types of contemplation that tend to contain negative thoughts and are certainly not good for mental he alth. Have you experienced it? Come on, find out here

Browsing is when a person thinks about something continuously and deeply. When what he thinks about is something good, for example ways to stop his bad habits or self-introspection, of course the effect will be good for him.

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However, the reflections that we will discuss here are those that contain negative thoughts. These thoughts keep coming back and forth, and are hard to stop, even if the person doesn't really want to think about them. This of course can make him feel depressed and haunted by these things.

This Causes Frequent Reflection

Habit of brooding can happen to anyone. However, this is indeed more often experienced by people with certain types of mental disorders, such as OCD, PTSD, depression, alcohol dependence, and eating disorders. Often times, this habit worsens the condition of his mental disorder.

In one study, brooding was most common in women as a reaction to sadness. As for men, usually brooding becomes a place to vent emotions when they are angry. In addition, one can also often reflect for the following reasons:

  • Curring problems that are beyond his control
  • Has a belief that by thinking about something over and over again, he can find a way out of his problem
  • Has a history of physical or mental trauma
  • Has certain personality characteristics, such as perfectionism

Here's How To Stop The Habit Of Contemplating

Contemplating with negative thoughts is definitely not a good habit to do. Therefore, this habit needs to be stopped as soon as possible. The following is a method that you can apply to stop contemplating:

1. Distract

When you realize that you are contemplating sad things, try to immediately distract yourself by doing positive things. You can call other friends or family members to share stories to relax your mind.

Besides that, you can also do things that can occupy your mind with other things, such as gardening, watching movies, drawing, reading books, or going for a walk outside the house. Seeing photos or videos of beautiful memories can also make you forget negative thoughts.

2. Think of the solution, not the problem

What you think about the most when you reflect is what happened in the past and how to change it. Fixing problems is of course okay, but you have to remember that mistakes that happened in the past can't be changed. You can only move on and avoid that mistake in the future.

Instead of just thinking about past problems or regretting everything that has happened, focus on solutions that you can do now. Try to relax your mind first, then think of a way out of your problem.

Keep in mind that solutions don't always come quickly. So, you need to be patient and not hasty in taking action, huh.

3. Put yourself in a positive environment

A good environment will certainly form a good character. So, try to find a new environment in which there are people who have positive thoughts.

By being in that environment and getting encouragement from them, of course you will be able to interpret an event more positively. As a result, this habit of contemplating will gradually disappear.

4. Learn to love yourself

In order to stop the habit of contemplating and avoid its side effects, learn to love yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat others. If you often praise, speak softly, or give gifts to others, do the same to yourself.

Forgive all the mistakes you have made and continue to learn and try not to repeat the same mistakes. This method can also increase your self-esteem and make you happier.

5. Do meditation

When you are thinking about something over and over, find a quiet place and meditate. Clear your mind and focus only on your inhaling and exhaling until you feel calm and at peace.

In addition to stopping the habit of contemplating, meditation can also improve mood and prevent various diseases.

Although contemplating seems trivial, this habit should not be ignored because it can have a bad impact on your mental he alth condition. Plus, this habit tends to be a waste of time and can interfere with your work.

Therefore, identify the cause of brooding and do the ways above to overcome this habit. If you have trouble stopping it, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist.

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