Body Shaming, Did You Do It?

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Body Shaming, Did You Do It?
Body Shaming, Did You Do It?

Recognizing it or not, some people often do body shaming and think of it as a joke or mere pleasantries. In fact, this behavior can have a negative impact, you know. Have you ever done that?

Body shaming is the behavior of badmouthing and commenting on the physical appearance of others. This behavior is tantamount to bullying. There are various reasons why people do body shaming (body shamers), ranging from wanting to lighten the mood, inviting laughter, just for fun, to actually wanting to insult.

Body Shaming, Are You Doing It? - Alodokter

This Is a Sign You Are Doing Body Shaming

Have you ever made a comment about someone's body? For example, "You're really skinny, really! It's not he althy, you know," or, "Eh, why is your skin so black, anyway? Use sunblock, please!”

Although it is often said as a form of attention, words like the one above are included in body shaming, you know. No wonder, words like this often hurt the recipient more than feel cared for.

Body shaming can occur directly or indirectly, for example on social media. This behavior can happen to anyone, men or women, children or adults. In fact, body shaming can also occur in romantic relationships, family, or friendship circles.

Unfortunately, body shaming perpetrators are often not aware of their treatment. Here are some things that are often done by body shamers:

  • Often commenting on other people's physique
  • Discussing or badmouthing someone's body shape in an attempt to look cute in front of people
  • Frequently judge someone based on their appearance
  • Judging other people's decisions about the choices made for their bodies
  • Respect normal or even chime in when someone mocks or comments about physical appearance

Impacts and How to Stop Body Shaming

Body shaming is not a behavior to be taken lightly or to be tolerated. Here are the bad effects of body shaming on its victims:

  • Losing self-confidence
  • Causing mental disorders, such as depression
  • Causing eating disorders, such as bulimia or binge eating
  • Increases the risk of obesity
  • Increases the risk of suicide

If you've already done it, get over it now and don't do it again, okay? Every human being, regardless of his body shape, must be respected and deserve affection.

The following are ways you can stop and deal with body shaming:

1. Realize that no human is perfect

Understand that no one is perfect in this world. If other people's appearance is not the same as yours, it doesn't mean that there are worse and better ones. Realize that everyone, including you, has flaws and no one is to blame for them.

2. Learn to be a good person

Doing body shaming can certainly hurt other people's hearts. If you feel this behavior is just a joke and not a problem, it's time to change your mindset.Imagine you are in the shoes of the person you are commenting on. Not necessarily you want to accept the same thing, right ?

Besides, not everyone finds jokes about physique funny. In fact, people may feel uncomfortable or even irritated when they hear it. If you continue this, the situation around you will become uncomfortable. Over time, it is not impossible that people will choose to stay away.

3. Stop busy thinking about other people

Instead of being busy commenting or taking care of other people's business, you should just focus on yourself. After all, meddling in other people's business is of no use to you.

If you wish others to be he althier with scathing comments, your hopes will most likely be in vain. As stated above, body shaming comments actually increase the risk of binge eating and obesity. So, your good intentions do more harm than good.

4. Find more exciting topics

When gathering with friends, family, or partner, you can discuss many fun topics besides body shape. If your goal of body shaming is to make the other person laugh, think twice. Find something to talk about or other jokes that everyone can enjoy, without hurting anyone.

Not everyone is aware that what he says can offend other people. If what you want to say can have a negative impact on the listener, it's best to hold your words and keep quiet.

Body shaming is not a good deed and should not be underestimated. However, changing habits is also not easy. If you find it difficult to change body shaming habits, there is nothing wrong with consulting a psychologist for the right advice.

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