INFP Personality, Introverted Figure Who Cares About Others

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INFP Personality, Introverted Figure Who Cares About Others
INFP Personality, Introverted Figure Who Cares About Others

INFP personalities are known to be quiet and rarely socialize. However, they also have a caring nature and like to help others. You know someone like this? Check out the following article to get to know the INFP personality further

INFP stands for introvert, intuition, feeling, and perception. The INFP personality is one of 16 personality types classified according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

INFP Personality, Introvert Who Cares About Others - Alodokter

People with INFP personalities tend to be known as introverts who are idealistic, creative, and have a high human spirit. Among his close friends, he is loyal, sensitive, and empathetic.

INFP Personality Characteristics

The following are some of the characteristics of someone who has an INFP personality:

1. Caring for each other

There is one characteristic characteristic of people with INFP personalities, which is that they are highly caring. He even likes to develop his talents and skills to help others.

2. Tend to be quiet

People with INFP personalities are known to be quiet, but that doesn't mean they are shy and don't want to hang out. He prefers to interact with his close friends or be alone because social interaction can make him feel tired.

3. Ignoring details

When working on something, INFP personalities tend to rely on intuition rather than looking at the facts.It also focuses more on the big picture than on the mundane or boring details. However, he can be very meticulous when working on something that is very important to him.

4. Prioritizing feelings

Whenever considering a decision, people with the INFP personality prioritize feelings over thinking things objectively.

5. Good at being a mediator

People with INFP personalities don't like conflict the most and try to avoid it as much as possible.

However, when other people are involved in conflict, the INFP personality can be a fairly good mediator. He is able to identify and express feelings that cannot be expressed by others in the conflict.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the INFP Personality

Each personality type certainly has its own strengths and weaknesses, including the INFP personality. The following are some of the advantages that people with the INFP personality have:

  • Faithful
  • Sensitive to feelings
  • Care for others
  • Appreciating friendship
  • Independent
  • Visionary

Meanwhile, some of the shortcomings that INFP personality people have are:

  • Tends to be too idealistic
  • Can be too altruistic
  • Easy to get carried away or offended
  • Difficult to understand
  • Sometimes forget the details

Although INFPs tend to be idealistic, they are also interested in learning more about other people and are willing to listen to issues from all sides.

INFP figures are also actually good at expressing feelings, but they prefer to express their thoughts and feelings through writing rather than verbally.

In terms of careers, people with the INFP personality are considered more suitable to work as artists, counselors, graphic designers, librarians, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, or writers.

Every personality, including INFPs, has their own potential. However, not everyone is aware of his personality type and potential. If you are one of them, consult a psychologist to find out more about yourself so that you can optimize your potential.

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