Know the Purpose and Benefits of the Family Planning Program

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Know the Purpose and Benefits of the Family Planning Program
Know the Purpose and Benefits of the Family Planning Program

The purpose and benefits of the family planning program is to create a he althy, happy, and prosperous family. However, this program is often misunderstood as a program to deny the presence of children. To understand more about the family planning program, see the explanation in the following article

Family planning (KB) is a national scale program managed by the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN). There are many benefits of family planning programs that can be obtained and one of them is to produce a quality family.

Know the Purpose and Benefits of the Family Planning Program - Alodokter
Know the Purpose and Benefits of the Family Planning Program - Alodokter

However, before discussing the benefits, it is better if you know in advance the purpose behind this program.

Family Planning Program Objectives

There are several important objectives of implementing a family planning program, including:

  • Forming a small prosperous family, according to the economic condition of the family
  • Designed a small family with only two children
  • Preventing marriage at an early age
  • Reducing maternal and infant mortality due to pregnancy at an age that is too young or too old
  • Reducing the population and balancing the number of needs with the number of people in Indonesia.

In its implementation, the BKKBN as the body that manages the family planning program encourages people to use contraception to prevent or delay pregnancy until the time is right. Several types of contraception that can be used include condoms, birth control pills, birth control injections, implants, IUDs, vasectomy, and tubectomy.

Benefits of Family Planning Program

The following are some of the important benefits of family planning programs to apply to every family:

1. Keeping mother and baby he althy

A well-planned pregnancy program will have a good impact on the he alth of the mother and baby. In addition, the family planning program also provides guidance on steps to maintain the he alth of mothers and their babies, both before and after giving birth.

2. Encouraging adequate breastfeeding and good parenting for children

With the family planning program, couples can plan the time of pregnancy precisely. This is closely related to the adequacy of breastfeeding and child care patterns. Ideally, the distance between the first and second child is 3-5 years.

With this time gap, the first child can get the maximum benefits of breastfeeding until he is 2 years old. Not only that, children can also get the full attention of their parents so that it can have a positive impact on their growth and development.

3. Prevent unplanned pregnancy

Couples who do not run the family planning program are at risk of having an unplanned pregnancy. For example, women over 35 years of age and not yet menopausal who have sex without contraception may become pregnant. However, this pregnancy is high risk and can have a fatal impact on both mother and baby.

So it is with pregnancy that is too early after giving birth. For example, a woman may give birth when her first child is under 1 year old.

In this condition, the mother may not fully recover after giving birth to the previous child. This certainly has an impact on his physical and mental he alth.

4. Prevent sexually transmitted diseases

Although it is done between husband and wife, sexual intercourse cannot be separated from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, to HIV/AIDS. However, this can be prevented by using contraceptives, such as condoms.

5. Reducing maternal and infant mortality

Another benefit of family planning programs is to reduce the risk of maternal and infant mortality. This case is still often found in the community, especially in high-risk pregnancies, for example in women over 35 years old, women suffering from certain chronic diseases, and women who have just given birth.

6. Forming a quality family

Everything that is planned well can also bear good fruit. In this case, planning a pregnancy and the number of children is not only a matter of time, but also a matter of the economy, children's education, and parenting.

If everything is planned well, the chances of creating a quality family will be even greater.

From the goals and benefits of the family planning program above, you can see that the family planning program has nothing to do with refusing the presence of children. The family planning program is actually designed to make Indonesian families he althy and prosperous. Therefore, it is appropriate for us to participate in the success of the family planning program.

To be able to feel the benefits of the family planning program, you and your partner can consult a doctor at the nearest he alth center. The doctor will explain some of the contraceptive options and suggest the most suitable type for you and your partner.