Knowing the Traits of Ambiverts and How to Develop Them

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Knowing the Traits of Ambiverts and How to Develop Them
Knowing the Traits of Ambiverts and How to Develop Them

Are you a person with ambivert traits? Although rarely heard, this personality type is actually more than introverted or extroverted. What are the characteristics of an ambivert? Check out the following review

Ambivert is a personality type that is formed from a combination of introvert and extrovert personalities. People with an ambivert personality tend to be more flexible in dealing with various situations.

Know the Traits of Ambiverts and How to Develop Them - Alodokter

People with an ambivert personality can generally enjoy time when they are in social situations, like people with an extroverted personality. However, on the other hand, people with an ambivert personality also need time to themselves, just like an introvert.

Ambivert Characteristics

The following are some traits of an ambivert that you need to know:

1. Is a good listener and communicator

People with ambivert personalities are generally good listeners and communicators. They know when it's the right time to listen and know when it's the right time to speak or express an opinion.

In addition, in interacting, people with ambivert personalities generally have the ability to quickly adapt to the people or situations they are facing. These things make people with ambivert personalities easily accepted in all places and situations.

2. Have a high sense of empathy

Having a high sense of empathy is also one of the characteristics of an ambivert. Thanks to this trait, an ambivert is often used as a place to tell stories by those closest to him.

Usually, an ambivert tends to listen to the issues raised first. When finished, he will try to give a solution to the problem.

3. Can be a balancer in many situations

Thanks to his flexible personality, an ambivert will usually balance out in many situations. He often helps break the silence that makes situations awkward, while also keeping people with introverted personalities comfortable.

Tips for Developing an Ambivert Personality

The following are some tips that you can apply in your daily life to harness your strengths as an ambivert:

1. Keep flexible

As mentioned earlier, people with ambivert personalities generally have a flexible nature. Maintain and develop this trait because it will be very useful in everyday life.

Your flexible nature allows you to be accepted in any environment and situation, including at work. That way, you can form a deeper bond with your boss or co-workers.

2. Focus on the things and activities you enjoy

An ambivert really likes to do various social activities. However, that doesn't mean you need to do everything. Instead of making you happy, doing too many social activities can actually drain your energy and make you feel tired.

Focus on activities that make you happy and meaningful in life, such as taking a vacation with close friends or going to a relative's wedding.

3. Communicate your feelings

As previously noted, people with ambivert personalities also need time to themselves. But sometimes, your flexible and sociable nature causes those around you to be unaware of it.

Therefore, don't hesitate to communicate with those around you if you need time for yourself. Give understanding to those closest to you that you are in need of time to calm down and restore energy.

A person with ambivert traits does have many advantages. However, it is not impossible that an ambivert can also experience difficulties that are often experienced by introverts and extroverts.

If you feel the need to talk about the difficulties you face as an ambivert, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist.

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