This is a sign that your husband loves another woman

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This is a sign that your husband loves another woman
This is a sign that your husband loves another woman

Household life does not always run smoothly and according to expectations. In fact, not a few married couples are faced with the test of the presence of a third person. So, what are the signs that can appear when your husband is in love with another woman?

As the honeymoon period ends in the early years of marriage, there are many things that can happen in a household. One or two things small or big can make a husband feel less cared for, lose ego and self-esteem, be disappointed with the attitude and nature of his partner, to feel dissatisfied in bed matters.

This is a sign that your husband loves another woman - Alodokter

This is a sign that your husband loves another woman

The reasons above are certainly not trivial reasons, because these can make husbands turn away and love other women.

Before your marital relationship worsens, there are several signs that you can pay attention to in your husband if he loves another woman, including:

1. Feels away from you

When a husband has an affair, the husband and wife relationship will usually feel more bland. The romantic habits that he used to do every day, such as kissing your forehead when you wake up or doing pillow talk before going to bed, will usually disappear, and even if you do, it feels like you have to.

2. His appearance is getting better

If your husband previously ignored or seemed indifferent to his appearance, he might pay more attention to his appearance when he is in love with other women.It could also be, he suddenly likes to exercise and eat he althy food to keep his body in shape, wears clothes that are always new and neat, often uses perfumed oil, to often style his hair.

3. Spending more time with his cell phone

Generally, when at home, married couples prefer to chat with their partners while being spoiled. However, if your husband is in love with another woman, he is likely to spend more time on his cell phone. The excuses also varied, ranging from work matters or just chatting with old friends.

In addition, he will also forbid you to touch his cell phone, whatever the reason. In fact, not a few men often take their phone with them when they are in the bathroom, or set a password, so that their infidelity is not exposed by their wife.

4. Decreased sexual activity

When your husband cheats on you or loves another woman, the focus is no longer on you. As a result, both of you can decrease your sexual activity. In fact, he can also not hesitate to refuse your request to have sex, you know.

5. Rarely at home

Another sign that stands out the most is that the husband is less often at home. If he usually spends time on weekends for family time, when having an affair, he will find excuses to leave the house, for example hanging out with his friends or exercising.

6. Easily offended and angry

Married men actually know that being in a relationship and falling in love with another woman is a mistake. As a result, when he keeps doing this, there will be a conflict in his mind.

Unfortunately, this inner conflict is often justified by men by blaming their wives, for example by thinking, “I need other women's attention because my wife doesn't pay attention to me.”

Thinking like this often comes out into an attitude of irritability and blame. In fact, husbands may not hesitate to get angry and say rude things to their wives because of trivial things.

7. Soaring expenses

Every household certainly has financial expenses. However, when husbands are “playing with fire” with other women, expenses can spike without it being clear where they are going, be it from savings or credit card use. This can make both of you financial condition worse.

Those are a series of signs when your husband loves another woman that you need to pay attention to and be aware of. Try to cool your head when you spot these signs. Invite your husband to talk nicely and calm yourself first.

If your husband is currently in a relationship with another woman, don't be in a hurry to decide to divorce. Anger and disappointment is a very normal reaction when you find out your husband is cheating on you, but any decisions you make in your household must be thought through with a cool head.

It's important to calm yourself down first and don't make a rash decision.If it's really needed, you can discuss this household problem with a psychologist or marriage consultant to get the right solution so that your marriage can be saved.

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