Recognizing the function of the midbrain and their structure

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Recognizing the function of the midbrain and their structure
Recognizing the function of the midbrain and their structure

The brain is an important organ that consists of many nervous tissues. From several parts of the brain, it turns out that the function of the midbrain is an important element that acts as a connecting point between the main regions of the brain

Middle brain is also known as mesencephalon. This brain is located in the brainstem, which is between the forebrain (forebrain) and hindbrain (hindbrain). The midbrain is the smallest part of the brainstem with a size of only about 1.5 cm.

Recognizing the Functions of the Midbrain and Its Structure - Alodokter

Functions and Structure of the Midbrain

Like the forebrain and hindbrain, the midbrain has a very important function. The main function of the midbrain is to be part of the central nervous system which is related to the following:

  • Sight and hearing
  • Passion
  • Awareness
  • Temperature setting
  • Motor control, especially eye and mouth movements
  • Submission of sensory stimuli, such as heat and pain

Judging from its structure, the midbrain has 3 parts with different functions, namely:


The tectum is located at the top of the midbrain which is composed of two protrusions called the superior colliculi and the inferior colliculi. The superior colliculi play a role in the visual process, while the inferior colliculi are more


The Tegmentum is located in front of the tectum. This tegmentum consists of fiber tracts and 3 parts that are distinguished by color, namely the red nucleus, gray periaqueductal, and substantia nigra.

The red nucleus is involved in the coordination of sensory information, the periaqueductal gray is involved in suppressing pain, while the substantia nigra is more involved in mediating movement and motor coordination.

cerebral peduncle

The function of the midbrain is the cerebral peduncle (cerebral peduncle) as the main road that carries and delivers signals from the outer part of the body to other parts of the central nervous system. In addition, this part of the midbrain also plays an important role in coordinating body movements.

Things That Can Damage Brain Function

Damage of brain function in general can cause midbrain function disorders. One of the main causes is head injury due to impact.

The degree of damage to brain function due to injury varies widely. Minor head injuries can cause nausea, headaches, memory impairment, and loss of consciousness. Meanwhile, severe head injury causes the sufferer to experience cognitive disabilities, behavioral disorders, and even physical disabilities.

Besides head injury due to impact, there are also other things that can cause damage to brain function, including:

  • Infection
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Tumor
  • Aneurysm
  • neurological diseases
  • Abuse of illegal drugs
  • Poisoning or exposure to toxic substances
  • choking, choking or drowning

In order to maintain brain he alth, apply a he althy lifestyle and always be alert when driving or doing activities. This is done to prevent or reduce the risk of head injury which can cause tissue damage and impaired midbrain function and overall brain function.

If you experience headaches, vision and hearing problems, impaired movement, or a hard hit to the head, consult a doctor immediately. That way, the doctor can check and determine the right treatment according to your condition.

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