When can babies drink water?

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When can babies drink water?
When can babies drink water?

Drinking water is indeed good for he alth, it is even highly recommended. However, this recommendation does not apply to infants. Babies who are still too small can't drink water. So, when can babies drink water, anyway?

The role of water is very important to maintain the he alth of internal organs, maintain skin freshness, support muscle and joint work, and protect nerves.

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Although it has a myriad of benefits, in fact, giving water to babies has rules, you know. From birth to 6 months of age, babies can only get a supply of fluids that come from breast milk or formula.

Best Time to Give Water to Babies

Giving water or adding water to breast milk or formula milk for babies less than 6 months old can pose he alth risks, including flatulence, lack of interest in breastfeeding, malnutrition, diarrhea, and hyponatremia.

Therefore, you can only give water to your little one if he is 6 months old or has received complementary foods (MPASI). From this age, babies need more energy and fluids from food or drinks other than breast milk.

However, the amount of water that can be drunk still needs to be considered, yes, Bun. The amount of water for babies aged 6 months and over is about 60 ml, while babies aged 12 months and over are allowed to drink 450 ml of water per day. This dose will increase as the baby gets older. In addition to water, Mother can also give your little one occasional starch, especially when he has diarrhea.

Mother is also not recommended to give too much water. This is because the baby's small body is more at risk for excess water and electrolyte imbalances, such as hyponatremia, which can be fatal.

Symptoms that arise when a baby has water poisoning are vomiting without nausea, seizures, decreased consciousness, drowsiness, and confusion. These signs are accompanied by more frequent urination (> 8 times), urine that is white like water only, and swelling of the face, arms, or legs.

Giving water to babies is okay, but make sure you pay attention to the dosage, okay. In addition, it is also important for mothers to pay attention to their children while they are swimming or bathing. Make sure he doesn't go under water too much or swallow water.

If the mother is still not sure when the baby can drink water, confused about the rules for giving water to the baby, or if the little one has he alth problems after being given water, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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