Knowing Authoritative Parenting Parenting

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Knowing Authoritative Parenting Parenting
Knowing Authoritative Parenting Parenting

In educating children, every parent has their own parenting style. One of the good parenting styles to apply is authoritative parenting. Mom and Dad want to know more about this parenting style? Listen here, come on

Authoritative parenting or authoritative parenting is parenting with parents who are nurturing, supportive, and responsive to children, but still provide firm boundaries. In this parenting pattern, parents shape the child's attitude by following the rules and discussing to exchange ideas.

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Authoritative parenting is known as democratic parenting, so it is effective in educating children. Parents with this parenting style are good listeners, although not all opinions or requests of children are accepted. This parenting pattern can encourage children to grow into responsible and independent individuals.

How to Apply Authoritative Parenting

Parents with authoritative parenting balance between freedom and boundaries. So, parents give love and freedom to children, but still encourage children to be disciplined, independent, and responsible.

The following is a guide to implementing authoritative parenting that Mom and Dad can apply:

  • Be a good listener and interlocutor for your little one.
  • Show attitude that Mom and Dad understand his emotions. Don't say, "Don't be sad, stop crying." Better, replace it with "I know you're sad, I'm sorry, okay. It's late now and it's time to sleep, tomorrow we'll watch television again.”
  • Explain in simple language why every rule needs to be applied, for example the rule of brushing his teeth before going to bed so that his teeth don't hurt or the rule of getting up at 6 every morning so that he doesn't come late to school.
  • Discuss together about the consequences your little one has to live if he breaks the rules.
  • When your little one breaks a light rule, give him a warning 1 time first, then apply the consequences that have been set if he still breaks it. Avoid scolding your little one repeatedly.
  • Make mistakes as learning opportunities for your little one. If he makes a mistake, give the consequences according to the agreement. But remember, it is not allowed to give corporal punishment, okay.
  • Don't always try to solve all the problems that happen to your little one. Let him think of his own solution to the problem.
  • Give your little one praise or appreciation when he achieves something good. But make sure, Mom and Dad don't go overboard in praising him.
  • Let your little one choose and do the things he likes. Don't be too restrictive and manage it.

When your little one grows up and goes through puberty, Mom and Dad may experience a rebellious, irritable, and indifferent child phase. However, don't worry, this is a normal phase, really. Mom and Dad need extra patience in dealing with it and being consistent in living this parenting pattern.

Benefits of Authoritative Parenting

A study stated that children who were educated with authoritative parenting had higher academic scores than those who did not receive this parenting style. In addition, with authoritative parenting, children can also become individuals who:

1. Responsible

Responsibility in children does not appear automatically, but must be trained. Authoritative parenting can be a way for children to grow up to be responsible people. In addition, children raised with this parenting style will also be able to make good decisions.

2. Respect others

Authoritative parenting teaches children to be able to show respect for others, especially those who are older. Children will also tend to have good relationships with their peers.

3. Never give up

The child's unyielding attitude is certainly a matter of pride for parents. Well, applying authoritative parenting is believed to be able to make children grow into someone who has high endurance and can bounce back from an event, even an event that can trigger trauma. In addition, this parenting can increase children's self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Be a leader

Because they are able to make good decisions and have a high level of intelligence and self-confidence, children who are educated with authoritative parenting tend to have the skills to guide others properly and correctly.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, authoritative parenting also makes children individuals who are diligent, friendly, cheerful, energetic, independent, and have a high curiosity.

Authoritative parenting is a parenting pattern that can support the emotional, physical, social development, and even intelligence of children. But keep in mind, every child certainly has a different character and personality type.

So, Mom and Dad also need to adjust the type of parenting applied. Being too harsh on children can actually cause them to respond to mother and father parenting with different perspectives.

If Mom and Dad have difficulty dealing with your little one, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist to determine the right parenting pattern for him.

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