Preparing for Traveling for Diabetics

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Preparing for Traveling for Diabetics
Preparing for Traveling for Diabetics

Suffering from diabetes is not a barrier to travel anywhere. Even so, there are some travel preparations for diabetics that are important to know. With good preparation, the trip can still be done safely and comfortably

Basically, the most important thing that diabetics should pay attention to when traveling is their diet. However, busy activities, differences in weather and time, as well as access to medicines and doctors at the destination, make diabetics need to be more careful in preparing things before traveling.

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Various Travel Preparations for Diabetics

The following are some things that diabetics need to prepare before traveling:

1. Check the completeness of the medicine

Recheck the diabetes medications needed and other equipment such as glucose or blood sugar monitors. Just in case, bring more medicine than usual.

Store medicine in 2 different places, one of which is in a small bag that is easy to carry and reach. If you have insulin with you, keep some cooling gel to keep it cool.

Finally, don't forget to bring a prescription for medicine from the doctor to show to the pharmacy or pharmacy at the destination, if the diabetes medicine supply starts to run out.

2. Check with the doctor

Before traveling, every diabetic is advised to check with a doctor first. The doctor can give you a prescription and a certificate stating that you have diabetes and can travel or not.

This certificate is usually required for complete checks at the airport or station, especially if you bring diabetes medication equipment.

3. Find information on where to buy medicine

Take a survey and find out where you can get insulin and diabetes medications at your destination. This is important to do as a form of anticipation if the supply of medicine you are carrying is running low.

4. Prepare insurance documents

Make sure you bring insurance documents, such as your BPJS card or life insurance card. This is done in case something unexpected happens during your trip.

5. Bring snacks and a glucometer

Bring he althy snacks in sufficient quantities, especially if the travel time to be taken is quite long or there is a risk that your trip will be delayed. You can bring nuts, dried fruit, or whole-wheat crackers.

Don't forget to check your blood sugar level regularly when you travel. Therefore, prepare a blood sugar checker (glucometer) and a test strip so that you can check your blood sugar regularly while traveling.

6. Pay attention to the difference in time zone and climate at the destination

The time zone difference at the destination makes you need to reset the time you take diabetes medication or inject insulin. Also pay attention to the climate or weather at the destination. Cold or hot weather can affect blood glucose and insulin levels.

Therefore, it is recommended that you check your blood glucose levels frequently while traveling. For diabetics with neuropathy, it is very important to dress warmly to prevent frostbite that may go unnoticed due to decreased skin sensitivity.

If it is necessary, consult a doctor regarding your condition and the trip you are going to take. With good travel preparation, diabetics can avoid problems or he alth problems when traveling anywhere.

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