Know 5 Benefits of Watching Korean Dramas for Mental He alth

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Know 5 Benefits of Watching Korean Dramas for Mental He alth
Know 5 Benefits of Watching Korean Dramas for Mental He alth

Not only entertaining, there are various benefits of watching Korean dramas for mental he alth, one of which is stress relief. It's no wonder that Korean dramas are increasingly being loved by many people, from teenagers to adults

Watching Korean dramas has become daily entertainment for some people. There are those who watch Korean dramas on the sidelines of their busy lives and there are those who watch to pass the time or just looking for entertainment.

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Various Benefits of Watching Korean Dramas for Mental He alth

The following are some of the benefits of watching Korean dramas for your mental he alth:

1. Reducing anxiety

When you feel anxious, you will feel restless and have difficulty concentrating. Anxiety can also make your heart beat fast and cause your muscles to feel stiff and tense. This of course makes you feel uncomfortable.

Well, one way to overcome this anxiety is to relax. There are various forms of relaxation that you can do and one of them is watching television or entertainment shows, such as Korean dramas.

In fact, there is a study that shows that watching movies or dramas can make people who are about to undergo certain medical procedures feel calmer and less anxious. This is a sign that Korean dramas can be entertainment that makes you feel more relaxed.

2. Relieve stress

The next benefit of watching Korean dramas is to reduce stress. Stress is a common condition experienced by everyone. However, if stress is already bothering you, try taking a short break or watching a movie, such as a Korean drama.

When watching an entertainment show, the body will release the hormone dopamine and endorphins. These two hormones make your mood better, so that stress is reduced.

3. Relieve psychological problems

Watching movies has even been used as an adjunct therapy method to help people experiencing psychological problems, such as anxiety disorders, depression, panic disorder, social phobia, body dysformic disorder, eating disorders, and trauma.

However, also pay attention to the type of Korean drama you watch. So as not to make you more nervous or sad, choose a Korean drama that has comedic elements to make you laugh and entertain.

4. Build self-confidence

You feel less confident when speaking in public or meeting new people? Try watching Korean dramas or movies with characters or characters who have the same problem as yours.

When you see the character struggling with the problems they are experiencing and succeeding in overcoming them, you indirectly imagine yourself doing the same thing. That way, self-confidence can emerge.

5. Become more aware of mental he alth

In addition to being entertainment, watching Korean dramas can also be a medium to educate you and the wider community about mental he alth.

This one benefit is triggered by the many Korean dramas that tell stories about people with mental disorders and how these sufferers overcome the conditions they experience.

Negative Impact of Watching Korean Drama for Mental He alth

Although it has many benefits, watching too many Korean dramas can have a negative impact on the he alth of the mind and body. The following are the negative effects of watching Korean dramas excessively:

Addiction or obsession

Watching Korean dramas can actually make you obsessed, either with the story of the drama itself or with the cast. When you're obsessed, you may find it hard to stop thinking about it or even can't wait for the story to continue.

This can indirectly affect your emotional state and have an impact on disrupting daily activities.

Forget about the surroundings

Watching Korean dramas can make you lazy to do activities or interact with other people, even with your own family. In fact, it's still important to maintain your relationships and social interactions with those around you.

Lack of sleep

Too busy watching Korean dramas often makes you willing to stay up late and reduce sleep time. In fact, lack of sleep is not good for he alth because it can lower endurance and increase the risk of various he alth problems, such as depression, anxiety disorders, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In addition to the things above, watching Korean dramas for too long can also cause back pain, tired eyes, and impaired blood flow due to sitting too long.

Although there are various benefits of watching Korean dramas for mental he alth, you should not forget to get enough rest, eat, and sleep. Don't let things that make you happy actually trigger he alth problems and have a bad impact on your daily life.

If you feel so addicted to watching Korean dramas that it interferes with your daily activities, you are advised to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to find a solution.

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