Let's Take Me Time While Pregnant

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Let's Take Me Time While Pregnant
Let's Take Me Time While Pregnant

Despite being pregnant, pregnant women need to make time for me time, yes. There are many activities that can be done, from exercising to taking care of yourself. Not only for pregnant women, me time can also be useful for the fetus, you know

Physical changes, hormonal fluctuations, fear of giving birth or miscarriage, financial or work pressure, and lots of advice from here and there about pregnancy can actually make pregnant women become stressed. Well, one way that pregnant women can do to relieve stress and improve mood is to take me time.

Come on, make time for me while pregnant! - Alodokter
Come on, make time for me while pregnant! - Alodokter

Me Time Activities That Are Suitable to Do When Pregnant

Me time is a moment for someone to take a break from daily activities and provide free time for themselves. Actually, everyone is free to do whatever he likes while he is on me time. However, there are some recommendations for me time activities that are suitable to do during pregnancy.

The following are some me time activities that pregnant women can do:

1. Hot bath

Soaking in warm water is the right activity for pregnant women to enjoy their own free time. This activity can help relieve muscle pain and provide a calming effect, thereby reducing anxiety about childbirth.

In fact, bathing in warm water in the early stages of labor is also known to speed up the labor process and reduce pain, you know. Pregnant women can also light aromatherapy candles or music to create a more calming atmosphere and make pregnant women feel more relaxed.

2. Self care

In fact, not a few pregnant women feel insecure about their physical changes. Well, me time in the form of beauty treatments can be the right therapy for this problem!

Pregnant women can go to a salon to do hair treatments, such as cream baths or changing hairstyles, as well as manicures and pedicures to produce beautiful nails. In addition, pregnant women can also do skin care, such as using a face mask or scrubbing.

3. Doing massage

Massage during pregnancy is known to relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce swelling, improve sleep quality, and relieve stress. Well, massage can be a suitable activity for pregnant women.

Before doing massage, pregnant women should consult a doctor first. Choose a therapist or massage specialist for pregnant women who is experienced and certified. In addition, make sure the oil used for massage is safe for pregnant women to use, OK.

4. Exercising

Exercise during pregnancy is useful for increasing muscle and joint strength, preventing constipation, and preventing pregnancy complications. In addition, exercise is also known to improve the mood of pregnant women, so it is very suitable to be used as a me time activity.

Women can do yoga, pilates, swimming, back-focused strength training, or just walking around the house. Make sure the exercise that pregnant women do is safe and don't overdo it.

5. Doing what you love

Me time can be done by simply doing simple things that pregnant women like, such as writing, watching movies, or cooking. Pregnant women can also read books related to pregnancy, childbirth, or caring for children to increase their knowledge.

By doing activities that you like, pregnant women will become more relaxed and their mood will improve. But if pregnant women are too tired, stay quiet and do nothing, including me time, you know.

6. Spending time with loved ones

Me time doesn't mean pregnant women have to be alone, you know. Pregnant women can invite other people, such as partners, relatives, or friends, to do fun activities, such as going to the mall, eating at a restaurant, or just sitting in the park.

If it is not possible to go out of the house, pregnant women can spend time with their partner at home to share stories or contact friends by phone or video call.

Me time is an important thing that pregnant women should not miss. Do the activities above so that the physical and mental he alth of pregnant women is always maintained, and the growth and development of the fetus is optimal.

It's important to remember, do me time activities that are safe and don't make pregnant women tired. If pregnant women are confused about which me time activities are suitable for pregnant women's he alth conditions, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.